Pierogi Brands

Pierogi Brands

Pierogi Brands? An fantastic addition to a dinner or a standalone snack, pierogi are a sort of dumpling. You might already have a favourite brand of pierogi if you enjoy them. But you could be unfamiliar with dumplings and uncertain about what to buy. To ensure you acquire the greatest product possible, take into account the top brands available.

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Pierogi Brands
Pierogi Brands

Which Pierogi Brands Are the Best?

The top brands include Pappardelle’s and Pierogies Factory. Other businesses that produce top-notch pierogi include Kasia’s, Mrs. T’s, and Alexandra’s. Other brands that aren’t sold anyplace else might be sold at some grocery stores.

Make careful to test out a few brands before settling on one. Considerations including accessibility, price, and taste are also options.

Favorite Pierogi Brands

Although pierogi are not the most popular stuffed dish, many companies produce and market them. You must be aware of which brands to purchase if you want to test some good pierogi.

sa borovnicom pierogies

The brands you find may, of course, vary from store to store. Some companies continue to be the greatest overall, though.

If you’re interested in trying pierogi, take into account the following businesses.

Polish Factory

Potato and cheese pierogis are produced at Pierogies Factory. They can be cooked by grilling, sautéing, or boiling. This makes it simple to prepare the food based on your preferences for texture or the amount of time you have.

Unfortunately, after thawing, you cannot refreeze them. Therefore, you should be cautious about how many you cook at once. But many people enjoy the taste, and they can be simple to produce.

Be aware that these are somewhat pricey. Fortunately, if you’re only feeding yourself or a couple of others, you don’t need to make a lot.


Additionally, Pappardelle’s makes potato and cheese pierogis. Although they are a little less expensive than the other brand, you also get less pieces. So that’s okay if you’re serving yourself, but if you want to serve a few buddies, you’ll need extra packages.

The pierogies can either be boiled for a shorter amount of time or longer before being transferred to a frying pan. You can therefore choose the texture you wish. Some claim that this brand of pierogi is a little bit dryer and less creamy than other types, however some individuals could prefer that.

Try this brand if you want the dumplings in a smaller pack. If you change your mind, you can always buy another brand.


The price of Kasia’s pierogis is significantly higher than that of the earlier names on our list. However, it is made in Chicago, so if you live in the Midwest you can obtain fresh pierogi. The company produces pierogi with sweet cheese, potato and cheese, and potato and onion.

You’ll receive these in a lovely insulated package if you have to order them online. That may aid in maintaining their health. After that, you may store them in your freezer until you’re prepared to make some tasty pierogi.

Naturally, not all brands provide as many tastes. You can choose the potato and onion box, for instance, if cheese isn’t your thing.

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Mrs. T’s

The well-known pierogi brand Mrs. T’s offers a variety of varieties. Pierogi with potatoes and onions, cheese, and even sauerkraut are available. There are 12 pierogi in each box, which is sufficient for the majority of households.

However, you must purchase them in bulk if you acquire them online. This implies that although they may be costly, you can freeze the boxes and take one out at a time.

This brand has a large variety compared to other others. You can experiment with a few various flavours and even cater to the diverse tastes of your family.


Good pierogi are Alexandra’s specialty. Classics like potato and cheese are among the more than a dozen flavours that the company offers. Pierogi made with blueberries, cabbage, or pork can also be purchased.

The meat variety will obviously not work for a vegetarian diet. Be sure to take into account both your own eating habits and those of other members of your household.

You can always get a few varieties if you can’t come to a consensus. Then you can make both so that folks can select their favourite flavour.

Your own

Perhaps you have trouble finding pierogi that you enjoy. If so, take into account following a recipe to create pierogi from scratch. It will take a long time and several ingredients. The fillings, however, are up to you.

The flour and other ingredients will likewise be under your control. You can therefore use a gluten-free flour if you or someone you know is gluten intolerant.

It can be enjoyable to try even though this isn’t really a brand. Since homemade pierogi is always fresh, you could discover that you prefer it to any retail brand.

Pierogi versus potstickers

How do pierogi and potstickers stack up against one another? Typically served in Europe or North America, pierogi has square or crescent-shaped dumplings.

But potstickers are an Asian dish that are frequently pan-fried. Depending on the brand and variation you choose, the ingredients may be different or relatively similar.

How Should I Pick a Pierogi Brand?

Picking a reputable brand is important if you want to try pierogis. Different businesses offer more possibilities than others.

Even brands with less ingredients can have wonderful flavour and be simple to make. To choose the best brand for you, think about the following aspects.


Depending on where you buy your food, you could just have a few selections. Usually, frozen food is where you may find pierogi. There might not be many options for pierogi, especially if your grocery shop is small.

Even in a larger store, not all brands might be available. You may focus your search on the greatest brand by being aware of the ones you can purchase. If you can’t locate any reputable pierogi brands locally, you may of course also shop online.


You should also consider how many pierogis you will receive. The standard serving size is four pieces, while certain brands may provide more or fewer. Get a smaller pack if you just want to prepare food for yourself.

However, you’ll need something bigger if you have a family. Sure, you can purchase additional packets, but you might not want to spend the money if you only require a few more pieces. Think about if there will be a lot of waste and whether you can keep some of the pierogi if you don’t plan to eat them all.


Reviewing the pierogi preparation instructions on the packet may be your next step. Most products can be easily made at home. However, some advise boiling while others advise sautéing or grilling the pierogi.

Grilling and sauteing can help get your pierogi crispier. Naturally, you are free to disregard the instructions and prepare the pierogi however you like. But making the pierogi according to the directions on the package will almost certainly result in success.


Pierogis with potato and cheese are fairly common. Pierogi made solely of cheese or of potato and onion are also available. There are also other variations that include fruit or meat, like blueberries or bacon.

pierogi preparation recipe

Take into account your desired pierogi flavour. Choose potato and cheese if you wish to follow tradition. But you can also try out more recent choices. Naturally, if you create your own, you can include everything you like.

You can choose the appropriate pierogi flavour if you know what you’ll be serving with. Fortunately, potato and cheese pierogi are available to eat with a wide variety of foods.


You should take any dietary limitations in your household into account in addition to the items. For instance, meat pierogi can be avoided if you are a vegetarian. Additionally, if you observe kosher law, you should do that, particularly if the company’s pierogi contain cheese.

The availability of gluten-free pierogi for purchase is unknown, but you can attempt to manufacture your own. That can be useful if you or someone in your household cannot consume gluten or wheat. You’ll be able to still savour a delicious supper.


You must, of course, ensure that you can afford the meals. You might not have the money to acquire a variety if it’s only offered in quantity. If you’ve never tasted pierogi, staying away from bulk alternatives is also a good idea because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you might not like.

Don’t forget to account for the cost per ounce as well. Per ounce or pierogi, some larger containers might be a little less expensive.

Consider what else you’ll eat to go with the pierogi as well. When that happens, you won’t need to borrow money or make any other concessions in order to pay for the entire meal. To assist you decide which brand to try this time, check your local grocery shop for any sales.

There are a few excellent pierogi brands, despite the fact that there aren’t many. Please take into account Mrs. T’s, Kasia’s, and others. Consider your preferred flavours, any dietary restrictions, and your financial constraints. After that, you can make sure you like the final output.

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