Poha Recipe | Maharashtra Special Kanda Aaloo Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe Instant Kanda Poha

Poha Recipe Maharastrian style kanda pohe formula with itemized photograph and video formula. maybe one of the simple and straight forward yet fundamental morning breakfast plans. it is essentially ready with thick or medium poha that is otherwise called level beaten rice with arranged flavors and normal spices. it is especially ready for morning breakfast particularly in indian traditions of maharastra, north karnataka, gujurat and madhya pradesh.

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Poha Recipe Instant Kanda Poha

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Poha Making Ingredients:-







Poha Recipe:-

1)Firstly Wash Poha Properly 2-3 times.   Add Oil in Pan and Heat it then Add Jeera if you want then add onion to it.

2) After Making Onion Golden Brown Add tomato to it and keep in mind always while adding tomato add salt to it.

3) By adding salt with tomato it helps in cooking tomato fast.

4) After 2 minutes add Boiled potato to it.

5) Add Spices and cook for 2 minutes then add Wet Poha to it.

Poha Making 2 Formulas

poha formula 2 different ways | kanda poha | aloo poha | maharastrian style kanda pohe formula with bit by bit photograph and video formula. morning breakfast is maybe one of the moving suppers to design and get ready. it is because of the restricted time accessibility, yet we want something particularly amazing, simple and furthermore supply every one of the supplements for the day by day first supper. this by and large requires a ton of preparation, yet there are some different plans like kanda poha or aloo pohe that are simple and sound morning suppers.

I’m a colossal fanatic of straightforward and simple breakfast plans. there are numerous most loved simple breakfast plans and out of those kanda pohe and aloo pohe are two of my beloved plans. despite the fact that I hail from udupi, however I fostered the preference for it while I was momentarily living in hubli, north karnataka. in hubli there are such countless various methods of poha avalakki is served for morning breakfast, yet the onion oggarne avalakki otherwise called kanda pohe was my undisputed top choice. it was presented with new coriander and coconut with new farsan or blend finished off with it. while the pohe in maharastra is somewhat unique and I have shared the valid maharastrian variant.

Poha Garnishing and Full Setup

especially I have avoided the new coconut garnishes which can be added in the event that you wish to. additionally in the aloo adaptation, I have added tomatoes which makes it an optimal combo with harsh and fiery desire for it. you might pick between one of them or join both to make an ideal breakfast supper.

notwithstanding it, some more extra tips, ideas and variations to the poha formula 2 different ways. initially, the pohe formula is ordinarily ready with thick or medium-sized poha. the thickness of the poha is straightforwardly corresponding to the drenching time. you might need to increment or decline dependent on the thickness. furthermore, I for the most part don’t incline toward any farsan or combination fixings, yet it is fundamental for some. you might pick any basic aloo bhujia, bombay combination or any sort of farsan snacks according as you would prefer buds. ultimately, the conventional form is constantly ready in an iron wok that assists with giving extra character. be that as it may, it might require extra oil, so a non-stick dish is an optimal choice to set up a poha vriations.

at long last, I demand you to check my other related breakfast plans assortment with this post of kanda poha formula. it incorporates my other related plans like granola bar, moment set dosa, green papaya roti, mtr masala dosa, bottle gourd dosa, suji ki khandvi, stuffed dosa, masala dosa, aate ka nasta, coconut dosa. further to these I might likewise want to add some more extra formula classes like,

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