Pretzel Brands. How Many Types of Pretzel Brands?

Pretzel Brands. How Many Types of Pretzel Brands?

Wants to know about Pretzel Brands? If you enjoy eating pretzels, you might be curious about the top pretzel brands. As there are numerous varieties of pretzels available, this is an often asked issue, but it can be challenging to select the finest one.

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Not all pretzel brands will be created equally or have the same flavour or quality. When you purchase pretzels, you have certain expectations, and you don’t want a brand to let you down.

Pretzel Brands. How Many Types of Pretzel Brands?
Pretzel Brands. How Many Types of Pretzel Brands?

When it comes to grab-and-go options for crunchy, salty snacks, this is one of the best. Pretzels are generally popular and would be purchased by most people looking for a savoury snack choice.

But in order to get the finest pretzel experience, you must be careful to choose the appropriate brand. Discover which pretzel brand is the greatest and why these companies have remained at the top by reading on.

Best Brands of Pretzels

The most popular pretzel brand in the US is Snyders of Hanover, if you’re seeking for the greatest brand. It doesn’t appear that the popularity of this brand, which has long been the best-selling one, will decline any time soon.

Many people love eating pretzels, which are a pleasantly crispy and salty snack. These have been around for a while, and one of the first companies to start producing this practical snack alternative was Snyders of Hanover.

This company solely produces this type of product, which enables it to offer a wide variety of pretzel flavours. Because of this, Snyders of Hanover offers the most variety of pretzels of any business.

It is really simple to locate this brand in whatever type of store you visit because it is the best-selling one. Making it a practical choice for those looking for a salty and crunchy snack on the road.

Additionally, Snyders of Hanover frequently introduces new flavours based on the season and upcoming holidays. As a result, you won’t ever grow tired of the options accessible because a new one could be released at any time.

Rich Gold

Another prominent brand that is incredibly well-known in the US is Rold Gold. This was developed by PepsiCo quite some time ago, and the snack sector has continued to enjoy its success.

When it comes to choices for pretzels, many people rely on this well-known brand. Similar to Snyders of Hanover, Rold Gold offers a variety of pretzel varieties for you to pick from.

This gives you a wide range of choices when seeking for the ideal crunchy snack for the situation. You can readily locate this brand in any grocery shop, convenience store, or petrol station that you go to.

If you don’t want that kind of temptation, you don’t have to buy a whole bag of these pretzels because they come in different sizes. In general, Rold Gold is regarded as the superior pretzel brand after Snyders of Hanover.

Superior Made

A well-known pretzel brand with a history dating back over a century is Better Made. People continue to turn to it as one of the most reliable brands when looking for salty and crunchy snack options.

One of the pretzel manufacturers includes peanut butter-filled pretzels in their product line. This was once not very common, but Better Made started selling it long before many other brands did.

You may also sample a wide variety of pretzel tastes and variations there. Pretzel choices like twisted or stick varieties are included to mix things up and give you additional options.

Despite being a popular brand, you might not be able to find this brand in every shop. Because not every store will have Better Made pretzels, you might need to look around before finding them.


A popular pretzel brand called Utz is renowned for offering a broad range of basic alternatives. This contains sweet pretzels, sourdough pretzels, and a variety of pretzels in various shapes.

When comparing the various pretzel brands that are in competition with one another, this has set Utz apart from the pack. More variety is definitely a plus because many pretzels have the same flavour and consistency.

This is another widely used brand that ought should be simple to locate in stores. This brand is sold at the majority of supermarkets, convenience stores, and a few other shops you might visit for snacks.

Remember that not every store will likely carry all of the flavours and pretzel variations. You might need to shop around to find the precise type of pretzels you want as most stores only have a limited selection of each brand.


Quinn is a distinctive pretzel company that prides itself on using real ingredients in all of its products. If you still want to enjoy classic pretzels but don’t want to consume all the unwholesome additives and substances, it provides a healthier alternative for snacks.

For individuals who are gluten- and grain-sensitive, there are a variety of grain-free choices as well. Additionally, this company sells various pretzel nuggets that are stuffed with substances to provide you a wide range of interesting options.

The majority of supermarket stores as well as health food stores carry this well-known brand. You can purchase a variety of pretzels from Quinn so that you never grow tired of your available snacking choices.

Several suite alternatives are also included, which is something that many major manufacturers do not. So if you’re in the mood for a crunchy snack, you may choose between sweet or savoury pretzel alternatives.


Another well-known pretzel company that Nestle owns and produces coated pretzels is Flipz. This brand makes coated pretzels with a sweet covering rather than the standard pretzels you might imagine.

Pretzels with a chocolate coating were the initial Flipz pretzel alternatives, and they were highly well-liked. These pretzels are still quite popular today and are regarded as having the ideal balance of crispy, sweet, and salty flavours.

You can currently choose from a wide variety of pretzel flavours at Flipz. There are now numerous sorts of pretzels available, so you are no longer confined to just chocolate-covered pretzels.

It will be simple to locate this brand in retail establishments, including convenience, medicine, and petrol stations. Fipz pretzels are pretty much always available wherever snacks are sold.

Food Factory

A company called Snack Factory is well-known for their pretzel crisps. These are unique pretzels that are flattened out to create highly crispy, chip-like pretzels, which quickly gained a lot of popularity.

This company exclusively sells these varieties of pretzels, and it is well recognised for them. As a result, there is a wide selection of tastes available, which increases its popularity.

These varieties are simple to locate because Snack Factory is a well-known brand that is likely to be sold in most stores. There are a lot of tastes, and not all of them will be available in stores, so you might have trouble finding what you’re searching for.

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Pretzels under the Combos brand are distinguished by their hollowed-out speciality pretzels with fillings. The first pretzel company that only distributes hollow-filled pretzels as its sole product is this one.

These are a very popular option since people enjoy having the freedom to select the values that best suit them. With the addition of whatever they are filled with, the outside pretzel shell is crunchy and salty.

Depending on your preferences, Combos also offers additional filler options in addition to cheese, which is the most popular choice. Depending on the stores you visit, finding these pretzels should be rather simple.

Leading Pretzel Brand

There are several pretzel brands to pick from if you’re seeking for the best one. Although most people would concur that the best brand if you’re searching for this kind of crunchy, salty snack option is Snyders of Hanover.

This brand of pretzels is the best-selling one and provides a huge selection of tastes. Even yet, there are other more brands of pretzels that are equally as good in terms of taste, quality, and texture.

Brands like Snack Factory, Rold Gold, Better Made, Utz, and Quinn are among them. If you’re looking for pretzels that have all the best characteristics of a decent pretzel, all of these brands also provide a selection of delectable choices.




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