Restaurants That Don’t Serve Alcohol? Which One is Better?

Restaurants That Don’t Serve Alcohol? Which One is Better?

Restaurants That Don’t Serve Alcohol? You might be wondering which restaurants don’t serve alcohol if you want to eat out but don’t drink. This is a frequently asked query because some people don’t want to be near alcohol-consuming individuals or the temptation they present.

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Restaurants That Don’t Serve Alcohol? Which One is Better?
Restaurants That Don’t Serve Alcohol? Which One is Better?

People who have had trouble with alcohol frequently don’t want to eat in a restaurant where other patrons are also served alcohol. When you go out to eat, this can tempt you and distract you.

As a result, it’s usual for consumers to search for eateries that don’t provide any alcoholic beverages. However, given that so many restaurants offer a choice of alcoholic beverages, this can frequently be more challenging than you might imagine.

If you want to know what kind of restaurants don’t serve alcohol, keep reading.


McDonald’s is not a place to go if you want to be able to order alcoholic beverages. One of the fast-food restaurant chains in the US that doesn’t provide any alcoholic beverages is this one.

Despite the fact that McDonald’s serves alcohol in other parts of the world, this has remained the case for the whole time the company has been in operation. For many years, McDonald’s restaurants in European nations have offered alcoholic beverages.

This is an excellent location to pick up an inexpensive dinner made up of a variety of fried dishes that will satisfy your cravings. McDonald’s is not the place to go, though, if you’re searching for a drink with a little kick to go with your food.


You can go to Subway to order a choice of specially made sandwiches. It is a very popular sandwich shop. Along with freshly baked cookies and a variety of soups, it also offers various side snacks like chips.

This is a very well-liked location and continues to be the primary type of sandwich restaurant that most people frequent. There aren’t many restaurants that can compete with Subway’s sandwiches and level of service, thus it doesn’t have many rivals.

However, the lack of alcoholic drinks at this eatery is the one thing that Subway customers consistently complain about. There are all the possible soda varieties and other beverage choices here, but you won’t find any alcoholic beverages.

Although the exact reason why Subway does not sell alcohol is unknown, obtaining an alcohol licence can be very challenging. And despite the fact that it doesn’t provide any alcoholic beverages, Subway has managed to maintain its popularity.

Food King

One of the most well-known fast food establishments in the United States is Burger King. It is one of the top options for people looking for fast food, right up there with McDonald’s.

Burger King places a strong emphasis on the several varieties of burgers it offers on its menu, as the name would imply. However, it also provides other standard fast food menu items like fries, shakes, Sundays, etc.

Additionally, it provides the standard selection of beverages that you might anticipate to find, including Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, tea, lemonade, etc. Although there isn’t any alcohol available for ordering in the restaurant.

Don’t be startled if you don’t notice any alcohol on the menu; this is extremely typical for chains of fast-food restaurants.

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For the most part, diners at Denny’s restaurants are not given access to any alcoholic beverage alternatives. This will depend on the Denny’s location, although some do sell a limited selection of alcoholic beverages.

However, as the majority of Denny’s still do not sell alcohol, this is not very popular. If you have any questions, you can always phone your neighbourhood Denny’s or check their individual menu to verify if alcoholic beverages are offered.


One of the most well-known eateries you can find in the US is KFC. If it has any serious competition at all, it has established a solid reputation for itself that makes it stand out.

KFC is known for its superior selection of fried chicken, which is served in a broad range. Other dishes on the menu include comfort food varieties such mashed potatoes, beans, fries, etc.

However, KFC is the only restaurant that does not offer any alcoholic beverages. The restaurant offers a wide variety of sodas and other drinks that you can order to go with your meal, but none of them include alcohol.

This is most likely because KFC does not wish to serve alcohol because it is a family-friendly restaurant. Although there are a wide range of potential considerations.

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