Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued? Is It Correct?

Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued? Is It Correct?

Rice Krispies Treat Cereal is your favourite or delicious one hear about Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued If you enjoy Kellogg’s rice krispies treat cereal, you might be wondering if it has been discontinued. Since customers have begun to notice that they aren’t seeing this kind of cereal in stores, this has been a frequently asked question.

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Many consumers worry that businesses may discontinue carrying their preferred products in grocery shops and on the company’s lines. This occurs rather frequently because businesses may not be selling enough of the goods or may have other reasons for not wishing to continue selling it.

Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued? Is It Correct?
Rice Krispies Treat Cereal Discontinued? Is It Correct?

Customers may find this to be quite upsetting because it is never fun to see products you like buying discontinued. You won’t be able to find these in stores once they are discontinued, so get them while you can.

Due to the lack of availability of the cereal in stores, a lot of consumers have been concerned that Kellogg’s has stopped selling it. Find out if the rice krispies treat cereal is still available by reading on.

Is Rice Krispies Treat Cereal No Longer Available?

If you liked the rice krispies treat cereal, you might be wondering if it’s no longer available. Unfortunately, Kellogg’s notified online to customers who inquired about it that this kind of cereal was discontinued in 2020.

Since it was such a distinctive option that many people gravitated toward, this came as a great disappointment to the admirers of this cereal. It has been one of Kellogg’s best-selling products and appears to have a bright future.

The decision by Kellogg’s to stop producing this brand of cereal was extremely dramatic. That’s why a lot of customers were upset when they learned they wouldn’t be able to purchase this cereal anymore.

As Kellogg’s has phased out specific cereals from its portfolio throughout the years, this is just one of the many varieties of cereal that the company has stopped making. Customers who enjoy that brand of cereal and wish to repurchase it are frequently disappointed by this.

Unfortunately, businesses frequently stop making things without giving customers much notice. They frequently act in this way for internal company reasons, but they rarely give the customers an explanation for why.

Due to this, many customers are still miffed that they can no longer get rice krispies treats cereal.


You might be asking why Kellogg’s rice krispy treat cereal was eliminated now that you are aware of this. It just doesn’t make sense why Kellogg’s would decide to stop making this cereal, which was quite a popular option.

In actuality, Kellogg’s had recently altered the recipe for this type of cereal just prior to its discontinuation. Many people complained about the fact that the original recipe was altered but no justification was ever provided.

Clusters of sweet and crunchy rice krispies made up the original rice krispies treat cereal. However, Kellogg’s altered the formula to include marshmallows in the package of rice crispy cereal.

Customers did not like this because it eliminated the distinctiveness of this serial option. This led to a significant number of complaints and the signing of a petition requesting Kellogg’s to return to the original formula.

Sadly, Kellogg’s chose to stop producing this type of cereal rather than return to the original formula. And never justify this choice, even if it has to do with factors like:

  • too challenging to produce
  • Numerous consumer complaints
  • inadequate sales



If you’ve ever loved rice krispies treats cereal, you might be wondering what happened to the recipe. The truth is that Kellogg’s changed the original formula for this type of cereal and stopped making it in 2020.

Customers were never given a thorough justification for the choice that was finally made. Despite the fact that a large number of customers were quite angry that the cereal had been permanently withdrawn.

When Kellogg’s initially altered the recipe, there was a great deal of unhappiness, which caused the cereal’s sales to crash. Even though so many people wanted the original formula to be brought back, this may have eventually been what led to its discontinuation.


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