Sour Skittles Discontinued

Sour Skittles Discontinued

Sour Skittles Discontinued? If you enjoy the sour flavour of Skittles, you might be wondering if it has been discontinued. For the past few years, this has been a frequently asked question because many clients think services are no longer offered.

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Sour Skittles Discontinued
Sour Skittles Discontinued

Companies frequently stop making specific products on the toss of a coin without making any announcements. Customers may experience anxiety as a result of their favourite products being withdrawn without their knowledge.

Therefore, if you have recently had trouble finding the sour skittles flavour in stores, you might be concerned that it will soon be eliminated. If you want to know if sour skittles are still available, keep reading.

Have Sour Skittles been withdrawn from sale?

If you’ve been looking for sour skittles, you might be wondering if they’re no longer available. For lovers of the sour skittles flavour, there is good news: you can still purchase this flavour of skittles.

A few years back, when online remarks claiming that sour skittles had been discontinued went viral, there was a great uproar. It’s unclear if these remarks were made in jest or if they came directly from perplexed customers.

In any case, it caused a tonne of tension for people who like the sour skittles flavour. Many people had already reported difficulty locating these candies in retailers.

There were claims that sour skittles had been cancelled or recalled, but this just wasn’t the case. The heads of Skittles claimed that there had never been an official declaration and that any claims made were unfounded.

So sour skittles enthusiasts may relax knowing that their preferred candy taste is still offered for purchase. Due to its immense popularity, this taste has not yet been discontinued and most likely won’t be for a very long time.

What stores sell sour skittles?

The myth that sour skittles were being discontinued is said to have started as a result of how difficult it has been to locate these skittles. A lot of people have begun to realise that it is getting harder and harder to find sour skittles in retailers.

Numerous consumers have reported the problem, but no explanation has been provided for why it exists. This explains why so many people assumed this flavour was actually discontinued and no longer available so rapidly.

However, depending on where you go and where you are, you may still purchase sour skittles from retailers with relative ease.


Some users have encountered no problems at all, while others have had difficulty locating this flavour anyplace nearby.

These are some locations where you might look for these skittles:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • drug stores
  • gas stations

When you visit these locations, you might have a larger chance of finding sour skittles. Although the reason for why this type of skittles has become harder to locate is still unknown, it does appear to differ quite a bit by location and retailer.



If you liked eating sour skittles, you might be wondering if they’ve stopped making them. The good news for skittles aficionados is that this taste is still available in stores and has not been phased out.

This was only a rumour that was spread online by a comment that gained popularity and generated a lot of controversy. In a statement, the creators of Skittles stated that the sour variety is still available for purchase.

On some reason, they are now a little bit harder to locate, but they are still for sale. To find them, you might need to go to several shops or even attempt ordering them online.


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