Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza. If you dine at Taco Bell frequently, you’ve probably heard about the Taco Bell Mexican pizza that so many people rave about. This is a well-liked menu dish that many people have tried and enjoyed.

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Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant that constantly introduces new menu items for consumers to try. Making sure you never get weary of the menu items because there is always something fresh to try.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza
Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell is a terrific option if you frequently dine out because it allows you to sample various foods. Especially since Taco Bell frequently tries to push the edge and experiment with unique recipes that other restaurants do not provide.

Continue reading to learn more about Taco Bell Mexican pizza and what it tastes like.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Evaluation

If you enjoy eating at Taco Bell, you’ve probably heard of the Taco Bell Mexican pizza. This is a delectable creation that resembles a pizza but was created specifically to highlight Taco Bell ingredients.

This Mexican pizza is made with two tortilla pizza shells filled with seasoned meat. Along with Mexican pizza sauce and beans, topped with cheese and tomatoes.

It’s a fantastic mixture that’s full of taste and has all of the flavours you’d expect to find at Taco Bell. Despite the fact that it is named a pizza, it will not appear or taste like a conventional pizza.

This is a terrific opportunity to branch out from your typical Taco Bell order and try something new on the menu. Especially if you want to sample a new Taco Bell product and understand how they created this Mexican pizza alternative.

Beef with Seasoning

This Mexican pizza’s protein source is ground beef, which you may recognise from other Taco Bell menu items. This ground beef has a nice chewy but ground-up texture that contributes significantly to the flavour of this Mexican pizza.

It is highly tasty and moist because it has been seasoned with Taco Bell sauce and seasonings to give it a variety of flavours. This is where the majority of the flavour in this Mexican pizza will come from.

There are two shells.

This Mexican pizza also includes two tortilla pizza shells, which help to hold everything together. Providing a robust vessel that, unlike regular pizza, will be a little crispy when you buy into it.

The seasoned beef is sandwiched between two tortilla shells, one on the bottom and one on top, to keep everything together. This will give it a different appearance than a typical pizza but will make it easier to eat and enjoy.

Sauce for Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell also manufactures its own Mexican pizza sauce, which is a tomato-based sauce similar to regular pizza sauce. However, unlike typical pizza sauce, it is not spiced with Italian ingredients.

This is a thick and tomato-ey Mexican pizza sauce that will undoubtedly bring a lot of flavour and moisture to the finished product.


Puréed beans are also used in this Mexican pizza, as they are in many other Taco Bell menu items. These are smooth and creamy, and they lend a starchy component to this wonderful Mexican pizza.

These puréed beans also helped to hold everything together and go wonderfully with the ground beef and tortilla pizza shells.

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Tomatoes and cheese

To conclude, cheese and tomatoes are placed on top of this Mexican pizza, which is topped with extra Mexican pizza sauce. With its odd components, this pizza looks more pizza-like.

Overall, the components for this pizza are simple, but you can request additional ingredients. There are a variety of different items that can be added to your Mexican pizza if you request it when you place your order.

Calorie Content in Mexican Pizza

Now that you know more about the Taco Bell Mexican pizza, you might be wondering how many calories it includes. As fast food is infamous for containing an unexpectedly high number of calories.

If you don’t make any changes or add any extra ingredients, this Mexican pizza has 540 calories for the entire pizza. The calories are not counted by slides because they can vary greatly according to the varying sizes of the slices.

This is something to bear in mind if you decide to purchase this pizza because it has a high calorie count for a single meal.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Will Be Added to the Menu Permanently

The good news for Taco Bell consumers who wish to buy the Mexican pizza is that it will be added to the Taco Bell menu again. It was initially included to the menu before being withdrawn when Taco Bell chose to discontinue some items.

Making room for new products that it wants to try with its clients. However, the Mexican pizza was so popular that consumers were outraged when it was removed, prompting Taco Bell to reinstate it.

In September 2022, the Mexican pizza will become a permanent feature of the Taco Bell menu. So, after that date, you won’t have to worry about not being able to test or order the Mexican pizza as usual.



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