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Special Thai Cuisine

What is Thai Cuisine?

Possibly the most delightful country of Asia, enriched with culture and culinary. Thailand is world famous for its mouthwatering cuisines. With its increasing tourism each year, Thailand has been established as the culinary leader from the rest of the world. With a mixture of eastern and western cultures united, Thai food harmonizes a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, sour and bitter flavors. All of these flavors perfectly ties together an authentic Thai dish.

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Thai cuisine Speciality

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However, this unique cuisine has experienced so many evolutionary transformation from where it started years ago. Today, we’re going to delve into its fascinating past and origination. From where it began to where it stands today.

History and Origin of Thai Cuisine

The origin of Thai cuisine began 1,400 years ago, when Thailand was beginning to witness a mass immigration of people from various parts of Asia. Presumably, these inhabitants usually had a simple diet with plants and fruits they acquired. Although, Thailand’s costal vicinity had severely helped its culinary culture to rise within itself. As no other expendable meat was available to the locals other than seafood back in the days.

Thai Cuisine History
Thai Cuisine History and Origin

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Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisines

Many believe that the Thai cuisine in the earlier days, was heavily influenced by Szechwan delicacies. However, Indian, Muslim and Japanese have equally shown their attachment in the development of modern Thai Dishes, more commonly in the southern part of Thailand. In the more recent times, Thailand begin to experience a European vestige gradually developing in their recipes. With Portuguese and Dutch traders becoming the primary visitors of Thailand had much to do with it.

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisines
Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisines

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Majorly due to its location, many voyage travellers have come and contributed a mixture of their own culture to the ever evolving Thai food. Hence, creating a flawless harmony of various tasteful cultures in one country.

Regional Special Thai Cuisines

Of course like any other country, Thailand is filled with diversity. Different regions of this massive country offers variety of choices, that signifies their speciality perfectly.

Central Thailand Thai Cuisine

The central Thailand bridges the gap between the northern and southern Thailand culture. With its speciality being royal cuisines. Originated from the Royal palace in Thailand, the central part brings home the much forgotten old elaborate meals of the country. Such complicated and intricate presentation of their dishes, you will sure not find anywhere else.

Central Thailand Cuisines

Northern Thailand Cuisines

You might find dishes of North Thailand slightly milder than the more flavour enriched cuisines found across the country. Mostly known for their famous Jasmine sticky rice, that are kneaded with fingers and presented as small balls. Over the years, North Thailand was seen to be heavily influenced from the neighbouring land of Burma, with offering dishes like Kaeng Hang Le ( A pork curry flavoured with turmeric, ginger and tamarind)

Southern Thailand Special Cuisines

South dishes of Thailand are massively regarded as the ultimate Thai cuisines in many foreign countries, as more tourists visit Southern Thailand than any other part.

Due to central costal location, majority of southern dishes have a heavy use of coconut milk and seafood as a common condiment in their cooking. Coconut oil more often replaces regular oil for flying, while appetizers have a frequent use of cashews from their massive plantations of it.

Thai Cuisine is one of the best cuisine which is loved by everyone around the globe in many different countries. The Main Origin of Thai Cuisine is Bangkok Thailand.

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