Top Ramen vs Maruchan Ramen? Which one is Better?

Top Ramen vs Maruchan Ramen

What’s the Main Difference Between Top Ramen vs Maruchan Ramen? Instant noodles have exploded in popularity as a grocery and convenience store item. They are quick to make and contain enough nutrients to keep the average adult satisfied for a while. There are numerous brands of instant noodles available, but which one is the best? We’re here to discuss Top vs Maruchan Ramen: which is superior?

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Top Ramen vs Maruchan Ramen
Top Ramen vs Maruchan Ramen

Which is the better instant ramen?

Top Ramen and Maruchan are two well-known instant noodle brands, commonly known as cup noodles.

It can be tough to compare them because they are so dissimilar. Some instant noodles are thicker with broth, whilst other instant noodles prefer heavy sauces to cover the noodles.

The directions for the various brands are essentially the same. You must fill the pots with hot water. Some manufacturers will make minor changes, such as adding dehydrated veggies, meat, and flavour packets.


Overall, I believe Maruchan is superior. This is due to the fact that the flavour is far more significant to me than the texture of the noodles. They will taste good even if they are slightly undercooked and chewy. You will not recall and concentrate on the texture after eating them all, but a horrible flavour will linger in your mind for a time after eating.

The Soup Noodles

When evaluating instant noodles, there are two factors that must be evaluated separately.

These are the noodles and the soup, both of which are crucial to the dish’s success.

Noodles are evaluated based on their capacity to absorb soup taste without becoming soggy. However, if the noodles do not absorb enough water, they will be undercooked and unappealing to eat.

Top Ramen noodles are highly regarded for their ability to absorb tastes and liquids while maintaining a generally decent texture after preparation. The noodles are cooked enough to be soft and chewy while also being flavorful, but not so much that they become soggy and unappealing to eat.

Maruchan, on the other hand, tends to remain quite hard and undercooked even after the required amount of time has passed after adding hot water. This can make the noodles unappealing to eat, which is a poor thing for quick noodles. The noodles in Maruchan are large and well-made, but they do not absorb enough water to be fully flavoured or cooked.

Top Ramen is the clear victor in this area, in our opinion.

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If you’re wondering which is healthier for your health, Top Ramen contains no added MSG. Meanwhile, Maruchan contains a lot of MSG as well as a lot of sodium.

While the Top Ramen versus Maruchan taste test results indicate that Maruchan is superior, this does not imply that it is true. Both are good companies, and you may find that you prefer one over the other after giving them a shot.

Is it true that all instant noodles are the same?

Not all instant noodles are created equal. They can all have a variety of flavours, ingredients, textures, and noodles. While they all operate on the same basic premise of adding heating water to a cup, some businesses can be quite inventive. You can even make ramen in the microwave, but keep the package in mind. It should be microwave-friendly.

If you reheat ramen, you will find that both of these brands lose a significant amount of quality. They will have a considerably worse texture when they are no longer fresh.

Top Ramen vs Maruchan Ramen Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Top Ramen or Maruchan?

You must try both to properly answer this for yourself. However, most people agree that Maruchan tastes superior, whereas Top Ramen has better noodles that result in a more pleasing texture.



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