Tortilla Brands

Tortilla Brands

Are you searching for Tortilla Brands? Your taco, burrito, or quesadilla can succeed or fail depending on the tortilla you use. You might have pondered which tortillas are the greatest after seeing so many varieties at the shop.

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The brand may not always be important. However, you don’t want to choose a brand that will leave your subsequent Mexican cuisine tasteless and lifeless.

Tortilla Brands
Tortilla Brands

Which Brands of Tortillas Are the Best?

The top tortilla brands include 365, Old El Paso, and Mission. Try Silva’s, Mi Rancho, and Market Pantry as well as other brands. To ensure they are fresh, you might also want to purchase your tortillas from a nearby Mexican bakery.

Make careful to take everything into account, including the size, grain, and other aspects. You can then decide which tortilla is ideal for you.

Best Brands of Tortillas

Numerous kinds and variations of tortillas are available. Think about the following alternatives the next time you want to cook tacos or burritos.

After that, you can be certain to select the brand that you would enjoy using the most.


For tacos and other Mexican cuisine, Mission manufactures some of the greatest tortillas. Of course, they produce regular flour tortillas, but if you’re watching your carb intake, they also provide carb balance and zero net carb tortillas.

Tortillas made from whole wheat, spinach and herbs, and tomato basil are also available. You can use those to build a wrap for lunch even if they might not be the most authentic. You can buy small tortillas for tacos or huge ones for burritos because the tortillas come in different sizes.

El Paso, Old

For Mexican food, another well-known brand is Old El Paso. To cook meals resembling what you would find at your favourite Mexican restaurant, you can purchase their tortillas made for restaurants. Additionally, they produce smaller flour tortillas that are ideal for tacos.

You can also purchase food pockets if you don’t want your meal to spill. Although they aren’t as real, you can fill them at your leisure and enjoy them. Even a fajita supper package that contains regular tortillas is available for purchase.


The 365 tortilla brand can be found at Whole Foods. They produce tortillas made of corn, flour, or a combination of the two. Even whole wheat tortillas, which are excellent for creating sandwich wraps, are available.

Naturally, since Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, you can also purchase all of these variations on the online retailer. In this manner, you can order them from anywhere in the world. The tortillas can be used in a huge variety of meals.


Both locals and visitors to Kansas City can purchase Silva’s tortillas. The company specialises in producing traditional Mexican cuisine and ingredients. To achieve the ideal size for a quesadilla, taco, or anything in between, you can purchase both tiny and large tortillas.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that tortillas may be purchased online. That implies that you’ll have to travel to the Midwest city to restock. However, because they are produced close by, they are a great brand for the people.

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Mi Rancho

Both maize and flour tortillas from Mi Rancho are available. In other words, you can get the flavour you desire and skip the flour tortillas if you can’t have gluten. Additionally, every kind is organic, which is a pleasant bonus.

You can purchase tortillas in stores or online, and many of them are also Kosher. Though it’s not apparent if they come in different sizes. As a result, you might have to make up with tortillas that are a little bigger or smaller than you’d like.

Market Pantry

You should try the tortillas from Target Market Pantry. This is the brand for you if you prefer to buy food at Target or online. You can choose a size of six or eight inches, and they provide whole wheat and flour variations.

Of course, Target is the only place where you can get this brand. So it can be less handy if you don’t live close to a store. You can, however, order them for delivery.

Trader Joe’s

Although we couldn’t locate a website with a link to them, Trader Joe’s also sells tortillas. There are a few choices available, although the precise selection will probably differ between stores. They do have a recipe for gluten-free tortillas if you are unable to get the tortillas you prefer.

Trader Joe’s has the supplies you require to get going. Then, you can make a taco, burrito, or quesadilla with any of your preferred fillings. Both the pre-made and homemade options shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive because Trader Joe’s is typically fairly inexpensive.

Nearby bakery

Although it isn’t a brand, your neighbourhood bakery is another option to look into for tortillas. Consider finding a Mexican bakery if you can’t locate any tortillas you like. You can buy tortillas from some people to use at home.

The benefit of choosing this option is that the fruits and vegetables will typically be much fresher than those found in supermarkets. Both on their own and in a Mexican cuisine, you may eat them warm. Just be sure to take advantage of that proximity by being aware of when they prepare fresh tortillas.

Your Own

Making your own tortillas at home is a further non-brand choice. Of course, you can adhere to a Trader Joe’s recipe. However, you can also find a recipe on a blog or website dedicated to real Mexican cuisine.

Not everyone enjoys making tortillas since it may be a significant undertaking. Making a quality product is a terrific way to pass the time, though. If you or a member of your family must avoid gluten, you can also make sure that there isn’t any cross-contamination.

How to Make the Best Tortilla Choices

You ought to take a few factors into account as you contrast a few of the top tortilla brand names. By chance, you might fall in love with the first tortilla brand you discover. If you try to separate the tortillas, they might stick together and break, or you might not like it.

When buying tortillas, keep the following in mind. You can then raise your chances of purchasing a pack you’ll like.

Beginning with the size

The likelihood is that you’re looking for tortillas because you plan to use them for a particular purpose. You will frequently also be aware of the size you want. For instance, you’ll need smaller tortillas if you want to make tacos.

But if you’re making burritos, enchiladas, or quesadillas, you might prefer larger tortillas. Your choice of brands can be more focused if you know what size you want. Some businesses only offer one or two sizes.

The size of tortillas ranges from six inches to ten inches. The diameter is what the size refers to, so bear that in mind when you shop.

Think about the grain

The type of tortillas—flour, corn, whole wheat, or something else—is something else to consider. If you must adhere to a gluten-free diet, you should purchase corn tortillas rather than flour or wheat.

However, spinach tortillas are another option if you want to make a sandwich wrap. Consider the taste as well. Many people favour one grain over another because it can have a distinctive flavour from the others.

You might be able to order a variety pack if you’re unsure. You can then weigh your options before deciding.

Examine Your Regional Options

Online tortilla ordering can be useful. However, shipping takes time, which can affect when you receive the necessary ingredients. You should visit your neighbourhood grocery store if you want to prepare Mexican food tonight.

You could also see if any nearby Mexican bakeries sell tortillas. You can then quickly obtain what you require. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the tortillas getting damaged in transit and you might even save money on shipping costs.

Limiting your choices to local products can also affect the brands you can purchase. That might be a drawback, but it can also aid in preventing analysis paralysis so that you can make a decision.

keep in mind the expiration date

If your store only has a few tortillas, it might be necessary to choose the brand based on the expiration date, even though that may not be the best option. You should steer clear of any packs with expiration dates within the next month or so unless you use tortillas frequently.

As long as the tortillas appear undamaged and smell fresh, you can eat them after the expiration date. But if tortillas won’t go bad soon after you buy them, you’ll use them even more.

As a result, you should also think about how many tortillas you’ll get. If you live alone, a small pack might be all you need. It is beneficial to purchase a pack with more tortillas if you have a family, though.

Final Conclusion

Mission, Old El Paso, and other brands are among the top tortilla manufacturers. However, don’t forget to browse any nearby Mexican bakeries. Additionally, you can make your own tortillas at home, which requires work but may be worthwhile.

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