Tri Tip Rub For Smoking? How Tri Tip Rub Works?

Tri Tip Rub For Smoking?

Tri Tip Rub For Smoking? There are a variety of enticing ways to prepare a tri tip rub for smoking. Tri tip that has been smoked is not a very popular cut of meat, and it needs a little sensitive love and attention to be prepared well. In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to prepare this kind of beef using a fantastic recipe for smoked tri-tip and dry-rub combinations created especially for you.

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Tri Tip Rub For Smoking?
Tri Tip Rub For Smoking?

Describe Tri-Tip.

A portion of meat that is placed directly below the sirloin is known as a trip tip roast. It is a fairly lean cut of beef despite not being a very popular one. It is also referred to as a triangular tip occasionally. You can prepare this meat like a steak and consume it however you wish (rare, medium-rare, etc).

The meat tastes great when smoked, and you can add a number of flavours to it to make it even more flavorful. Be aware that this sort of meat is frequently crushed up to be used for lean hamburger meat, so you might not always find it in the display case with the other meats. Therefore, ask the butcher to get a tri tip for you from the rear if you desire one.

Make a Tri Tip Rub for Smoking : Instructions

Virtually any spice combination can be used to create a tri tip rub recipe for smoking, or you can buy a prepared rub from the market. Try 8 tablespoons of each ground black pepper, garlic, and salt to flavour 4-6 pounds of tri tip roast for a quick dry rub for smoking.

Add coffee, sugar, or red crushed pepper for amazing taste and a fiery kick to your recipe to make the ultimate tri tip rub for smoking!

Try combining the following spices for an intriguing tri tip with coffee flavour:

  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of mild chilli powder
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper, ground
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1-tablespoon espresso powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 12 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • Cayenne pepper, 1.2 teaspoons

When to Light Up a Tri Tip

To know when to remove the perfect smoked tri tip from the grill, you’ll need to know the internal temperature you’re going for. This may need you to use a meat thermometer while keeping a tight eye on your trip’s trajectory.

In general, it is advised that you spend around 30 minutes per pound of tri tip meat.

As a result, let your food to cook for about two hours, giving or taking a few minutes. Additionally, you should sear your tri tip for an additional two to three minutes. Additionally, you should wait 15 to 20 minutes before slicing it.

How much time should I spend smoking a tri-tip?

Keep in mind that using this low and slow smoking technique on tri-tip is the best way to get juicy, tasty meat. However, the amount of meat you need cook will depend on its weight and how you like your meat cooked. If you can wait it out, the smoke flavour can really meld in over this period, giving the taste and texture a wonderfully delectable quality.

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How long does smoking tri-tip at 225 take?

Again, the internal temperature will be the determining factor in how long your tri tip will take to smoke at 225°F. The majority of tri-tip lovers agree that the best tri-tip is one that hasn’t been cooked past medium. This is because overcooking it can cause it to become overly dry. Of course, you shouldn’t consume any meat with which you are uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure to cook your tri tip steak in the style that is best for you.

The suggested internal temperatures for each method of preparing a delicious tri tip are as follows:

  • Rare: 115-120°F
  • 125-130°F: Medium-Rare
  • Middle: 135 to 140 °F
  • 145-150°F for medium-well
  • 150-155°F for well-done

The interior temperature of tri-tip may slightly increase during the searing process. When deciding when to remove the meat, keep this in mind.

When Smoking, How Do You Keep a Tri Tip Moist?

There are tips on how to keep the meat wet during smoking in several tri tip recipes. By placing a cup or a pan of water in your smoker, you can keep your grilled tri tip juicy. To keep most of the fluids in the meat, cook it medium, medium-rare, or rare. You could find that your tri-tip is drier if you cook it all the way to well-doneness. Most forms of steak often fall into this category.

Additionally, you have the option to wrap your tri-tip (I’ll explain in a moment). Even so, you might not need to do this when preparing your standard tri-tip steak. However, if you cook it this way, it will unquestionably help it keep moisture better.

Tri-tip should I wrap before smoking?

You can wrap the tri-tip if you want it to taste like brisket. Tri-tips don’t actually need to be wrapped, though, because they are such a thin cut of meat.

Tips for Smoking Tri Tip

Ready to learn how to prepare tri-tip? You might never cook up another tasty piece of smoked meat after this one! The cooking procedure is rather easy and can offer a delicious smoke taste.

So let’s start cooking this delectable dish!

Route-wise Recipe:


  • 1–6-pound tri-tip roast
  • Olive oil, two tablespoons
  • 8 tablespoons of each fresh black pepper, garlic powder, and salt (you may also purchase a premade dry rub)

Tri Tip Smoked Recipe

After you’ve rinsed and dried your tri-tip, trim it during prep time. Remove any visible hard fat as well as the top layer of silver skin.

Use a readymade barbecue rub if you’re in the mood for it, or season tri tip with your own custom spice combination as previously indicated. With your hands, gently pat the seasoning into the meat.

Cook the tri-tip over indirect heat between 175-225F in an offset smoker, pellet grill, ceramic grill, or charcoal grill until the meat thermometer reads the correct internal temperature (see above segments for details). It could take close to two hours.

After that, take the tri-tip off the grill or smoker and fry it in oil or butter until the outside is beautiful and crispy. Before placing the meat in the skillet, make sure it is extremely hot. After two to three minutes, or when the desired amount of crispiness has been reached, remove the tri-tip.

To make sure the tip stays moist, give it time to rest for about 15-20 minutes before cutting into it. Dig down with some delectable sides!

You won’t regret smoking a tri-tip with a fantastic dry rub.

You’ll need a meat thermometer, a wonderful rub, and a smoker or grill to smoke a tri-tip to produce a fantastic smoky flavour. Depending on your preferred method of cooking, the cook time will change. Keep in mind that because the butcher frequently grinds up tri tip, it may be difficult to identify it in typical meat displays. Ask the butcher to get some for you from the back if you can’t find any.

Since this beef roast is lean, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about its nutritional calorie content.

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have about tri tip rub for smoking.


How long does smoking a tri-tip at 225 take?

Tri-tips smoke at 225°F for roughly 2 hours, however keep in mind that the time required may change depending on how you like your steak cooked.

Describe tri-tip.

The triangular piece of meat right below the sirloin is known as the tri tip. Although butchers frequently grind it into lean hamburger meat, it can also be bought whole and grilled for a wonderful and flavorful dinner.

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