What are Taco Flavored Doritos? Did you like it?

What are Taco Flavored Doritos

What are Taco Flavored Doritos? If you like Doritos, you’ve probably heard of the elusive taco-flavored Doritos. This is a Doritos flavour that many people want but can’t get their hands on. This is not unusual because Doritos has a broad selection of flavours that are not always simple to find. Because different retailers carry various tastes, and specific flavours may be discontinued or only available for a brief time.

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What are Taco Flavored Doritos
What are Taco Flavored Doritos

As a result, it can be difficult to obtain certain flavours that you are looking for. Especially if none of your local retailers stock them and you have no idea where to buy them.

Continue reading to learn more about taco-flavored Doritos and the nutritional benefits of this particular Dorito chip.

What Do Taco Doritos Taste Like?

If you like Doritos chips, you’ve probably heard about taco-flavored Doritos. Doritos in this taste are quite popular since they have a characteristic taco flavouring that many people appreciate while eating something like Doritos.

Doritos is recognised for its variety of flavour possibilities, and this is only one of the smaller flavours available. With many various flavours coming and departing depending on the time of year and what customers are now looking for.

Taco-flavored Doritos are one product that has gained popularity among Doritos buyers. Many individuals liked this flavour because it had a well-rounded flavour that reminded them of tacos and Mexican food.

Though comparable to other Doritos flavours, there are a few differences that set the taco flavoured Doritos unique, such as:

Seasoning for Tacos

The taco seasoning abundantly sprinkled on the Dorito chips is the major flavour of taco flavoured Doritos. This taco seasoning is exceptionally well-rounded, with many flavours present in traditional Mexican cuisine.

Giving these Doritos the Mexican flavour you’d expect from a taco-flavored snack. It’s intensely savoury and mildly spicy, with zinginess and acidity to balance things out.

The taco spice specks sprinkled throughout the tortilla chips are barely visible.


The taco-flavored Doritos also include a dash of lime taste, which adds to the deliciousness of these chips. Lime is a common component in Mexican cuisine, including tacos, and it complements taco flavours wonderfully.

Doritos is also not a stranger to incorporating lime flavours into its chips, since there are other different flavour variations that involve lime. Because these are essentially corn chips, this flavour complements the traditional Doritos chips really nicely.

The lime adds brightness, keeping these chips from feeling overly heavy or one-note. It also lends some acidity to balance out some of the spicy elements in these chips.


When eating taco-flavored Doritos, many individuals report tasting a somewhat cheesy flavour. This is not a major flavour component, but it is something that most people will notice when eating these chips.

They’re not very cheesy, but they have a somewhat cheesy flavour that goes well with the taco spice. Giving the chips a richness that helps to heighten the flavours overall.

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Taco Doritos are still available.

Many Doritos customers may be concerned about whether taco-flavored Doritos are still available. This is something that frequently occurs with different varieties of Doritos because it can be difficult to determine if they are still accessible.

Doritos is well known for releasing specific goods and then rapidly withdrawing them if they are not popular enough. Doritos also only makes particular flavours for a limited time and does not create them all year.

Doritos did appear to eliminate taco-flavored Doritos in 2020, which disappointed many customers. However, these Doritos can still be found at grocery stores, convenience stores, and online.

So they aren’t gone for good since they can still be found if you look hard enough. Some people are fortunate enough to locate them in their neighbourhood grocery shop, while others may have to seek a little harder or order online.

The good news is that taco-flavored Doritos are still available, and you can enjoy them if you haven’t tried this chip flavour yet. If you can’t locate them in a store near you, you should be able to get them online.

Doritos with Taco Flavor have 150 calories.

Doritos are not a particularly healthy snack because they are high in calories and sodium, making them less healthful. However, because they are corn chips, they have some characteristics that other chips do not have.

As a result, they are slightly more nutritious than the regular potato chip. Doritos, however, should be considered a unique treat and not consumed on a daily or excessive basis.

If you wish to try the taco-flavored Doritos, a serving of these chips will cost 150 calories. Which, in comparison to other varieties of chips, is fairly steep, albeit most ships will be relatively high in calories.

It’s also worth noting that a single serving of these chips contains 180 mg of salt. So you should avoid eating these in large quantities because they are not good for your diet.



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