What Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use? Complete Guide

What Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use. Complete Guide

Are you Looking for What Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use? Coconut milk is chock-full with healthy fats and brain-boosting MCTs, so it’s an exciting addition to the Starbucks menu! Is it true that Starbucks uses unsweetened coconut milk?

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Unsweetened coconut milk is not used by Starbucks. Starbucks’ “Grande” (16 oz) drink with coconut milk includes 17 grams of sugar, which is less sugar than Starbucks’ soy milk or cow’s milk alternatives.

What Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use. Complete Guide
What Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use. Complete Guide

We’ve compiled a list of the best Starbucks beverages made with coconut milk. We’ll also look at what Starbucks coconut milk is composed of and how it compares nutritionally to the company’s other milk alternatives. Finally, we’ll discuss several more dairy-free Starbucks beverages that we can’t get enough of.

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Which Starbucks Coconut Milk Drinks are the Best?

Non-dairy beverages are now a hot fad at Starbucks, and here’s why: you receive extra health advantages as well as new, delectable tastes. You shouldn’t have to forego flavor in order to adequately nourish your body.

Aside from that, Starbucks has added oat milk to 1,300 of its shops. The nutritional information is unknown, however a Tall Oat Milk Latte contains 212 calories and 18 grams of sugar.

As you can see, coconut milk has less sugar than most other milk alternatives while still tasting great in a variety of beverages!

What Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use Interesting Facts

Starbucks polled its consumers to find out what they wanted and how they might improve their products. Starbucks reacted to public demand for new dairy-free alternatives!

Starbucks coconut milk is made from single-origin coconuts from Sumatra, a tropical Indonesian island. You may rest confident that your coconut milk is vegan! Coconut milk has been a lifeline for many who are allergic to soy and/or almonds.

If you’re interested in learning more about the current coconut milk trend, these are the components that go into Starbucks’ coconut milk:

  • Water
  • Cream of coconut
  • Concentrated coconut water
  • Sugar made from cane
  • Phosphate of tricalcium
  • Flavors derived from nature
  • shaved sea salt
  • Carrageenan
  • Gum Gellan
  • Dextrin from corn
  • The gum xanthan
  • Guar gum
  • Palmitate of vitamin A
  • D2 (Vitamin D2)
  • Palmitate of vitamin A
  • D2 (Vitamin D2)

Coconut milk is an excellent choice for lactose-intolerant people (an estimated 30 to 50 million Americans, according to Susan S. Lang), but it’s also a lighter, lower-sugar, and tasty option for everyone!

Where to Begin When Making a Dairy-Free Order

No matter where you travel, your local Starbucks will have coconut milk, soy milk, and almond milk available. You may substitute a non-dairy basis for any typically dairy-based choice.

Remember that while the majority of syrups are dairy-free, certain Starbucks syrups do contain dairy! Remember that froth, whipped cream topping, powdered blenders, and other items may include milk.

If all else fails, inquire about your barista’s dairy-free preferences. They’re used to catering to lactose-intolerant and vegan customers.

Here’s where to begin:

  • Coffees and teas that have been freshly made
  • Lattes with coffee
  • Macchiatos con Caramel
  • Mochas with caffe
  • Americanos at Caffe Americano
  • Smoothies with chocolate
  • Smoothies with strawberries
  • Iced coffees with ombre patterns

All of the beverages listed above are either dairy-free or simple to make dairy-free. Simply request that the dairy base be replaced with a non-dairy beverage.

Take into account the components of any drink you pick. Here’s what you’ll always need to have on hand to ensure your drink is genuinely dairy-free:

  • Whipping cream
  • Chips made from Java
  • Protein shake
  • Cinnamon ice cream topping
  • Drizzle with caramel

When it’s time to get your caffeine fix or your morning kick, there’s always plenty of alternatives at your local coffee shop. Which Starbucks non-dairy beverages have your heart?

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