What Does Arbys Diablo Dare Sandwich Tastes Like?

What Does Arbys Diablo Dare Sandwich Tastes Like

Arbys Diablo Dare Sandwich tastes? Do you want to test a new Arby’s item? The Diablo Dare Sandwich is a must-try, and it’s available with either their famed roast beef or chicken.

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What Does Arbys Diablo Dare Sandwich Tastes Like
What Does Arbys Diablo Dare Sandwich Tastes Like

The Diablo Dare Sandwich from Arby’s

The Arby’s Diablo Sandwich is available with chicken or roast beef. Of course, if you like Arby’s, you’ll prefer the roast beef version.

It comes with natural cheddar, shredded lettuce, diced jalapeo, diablo BBQ sauce, a diablo bread, and fiery seasoning in addition to the meat. The chicken sandwich includes all of the same toppings as the roast beef sandwich, but it substitutes a chicken fillet for the roast beef.

You can have a spicy sandwich with either beef or chicken. If you can’t decide between a beef or chicken restaurant, you can gratify more of your family or friend group.

Concerning the Arby’s Spicy Challenge

You can take part in Arby’s Spicy Challenge by ordering any variation of the Diablo Dare Sandwich. Pair it with loaded fries, which include cheddar cheese sauce as well as the same spice, jalapeos, and diablo BBQ sauce.

Arby’s will include a tiny vanilla shake to help you cool down while you eat. You should keep count of how many bites you take before needing a sip of the shake. Film yourself finishing the challenge if you have a TikTok account.

Then, use the hashtag #ArbysDiabloDare to share your video. Follow the hashtag to see how you stacked up against other spicy food aficionados.

When to Order a Diablo Sandwich

Unfortunately, neither version of the Diablo Dare Sandwich is available on a regular basis. As of this writing, Arby’s has announced that they will return at the end of October 2022. They’ll be available for a short time only.

Follow Arby’s on social media if you’re reading this later. You can also hear about new menu items and specials by visiting your local Arby’s on a regular basis. Then you’ll be able to find out as soon as possible when Arby’s will reintroduce the spicy sandwich.

Where Can I Get a Diablo Sandwich?

Unfortunately, the Diablo Dare Sandwich may not be available at your local Arby’s. You may search up your location online. Check the menu to see if the beef or chicken version is available.

If not, you might try other locations to see if they carry the version you’re looking for. Then you can return to that store and have your hot beef sandwich. Order the loaded fries and a shake to cool down from the heat.

Build Your Own Sandwich

If you can’t get your hands on an Arby’s sandwich, you can make one yourself. You’ll need roast beef or a crispy piece of chicken to begin. Then, from the grocery store, add a slice of cheddar cheese and some shredded lettuce.

Also, chop some jalapeos. The remaining ingredients are more difficult to replicate, but you can try blending some spicy sauce with your favourite BBQ sauce. Look for hot seasonings as well.

To make the diablo bun, apply some of the seasoning to your favourite bun. It won’t be precisely like the Arby’s sandwich, but it will come close. Then you may satiate your sandwich hunger until Arby’s reintroduces it.

Sandwiches that are similar Arbys Diablo Dare Sandwich Tastes

You have alternative possibilities if you don’t want to create your own sandwich at home. One of the few eateries that serves roast beef sandwiches is Arby’s. Similar chicken sandwiches, on the other hand, are rather easy to find.

Here are a few menu options that are similar to the Arby’s Chicken Diablo Sandwich.

Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich from McDonald’s

The same fundamental ingredients are used in the McDonald’s Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich. A chicken fillet can be served in a potato roll, albeit the roll is not hot. It also comes with a hot pepper sauce that tastes like diablo BBQ.

Request it without pickles and with cheese, lettuce, and jalapeos. This sandwich will not be precisely the same, but it will suffice if you are unable to visit Arby’s. McDonald’s is so popular that you’re almost certainly within a few miles of one, especially if you live in a city or metro.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-A

Chicken restaurants serve some of the best chicken sandwiches. Another alternative to the Arby’s sandwich is the Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Unfortunately, it will require more customization than the McDonald’s sandwich.

Order it sans the pickles. Then top with jalapeos, lettuce, and cheese. However, it will be American cheese rather than cheddar. You can also choose a side of BBQ sauce to go with your sandwich.

However, you may want to take this sandwich home and season it with hot sauce and other spicy ingredients. It’s also not the ideal option if you’re looking for something hot on a Sunday.

Sandwich with Spicy Chicken from Popeye’s

Another great option is Popeye’s Spicy Chicken. It comes with Louisiana spices baked into the chicken, so there’s no need for you to add any yourself. To amp up the spice, order it with a spicier mayonnaise.

Unfortunately, Popeye’s website does not list the other components. You can ask what’s on the sandwich at your local Popeye’s. Then, modify it to include the Diablo Dare ingredients.

You may now need to perform such customizations at home. Go to the grocery store and get some cheese, lettuce, and jalapeos. You can get Popeye’s BBQ sauce and blend it with your own hot sauce.


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