What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats?

What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats

Did you know that What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats? Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats? Dogs and cats can enjoy delicious supplementary food from Doppelherz. The Doppelherz brand has represented the highest quality standards and the use of premium, tried-and-true ingredients in its goods for 100 years. California rat terrier puppies for sale For dogs and cats, an adjusted diet can be very helpful in the prevention and treatment of many ailments.

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The Doppelherz brand has expanded just in time for its 100th birthday! Sustainable complementary feeds that combine the advantages of a sweet reward with the crucial components of an efficient complementary feed in a novel method have been created in conjunction with veterinarians. Doppelherz für Tiere provides feed in cutting-edge dose forms for dogs and cats that supports the joints as well as the skin and coat.

What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats
What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats

The administration of complementary feed in the form of pellets, powders, tablets, or capsules is frequently challenging or impossible. What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats? Doppelherz depends on novel dosage forms with its cutting-edge new solutions for cats and dogs that are simple to administer thanks to their delectable flavour and feature a combination of all crucial ingredients to provide the best possible assistance for health issues.

Modernised dosage forms

Dogs can get the savoury chews in the shape of semi-moist snacks with a lot of meat and a potent scent. The vital, active elements are preserved as a result of the delicate processing. They encouraged the best dietary feeding because of the composition, which was highly advanced scientifically.

Cats are very fussy, therefore they place a high value on having good taste. The high-dose recipe was developed in the shape of a tasty dosage form, such as creamy licks, to make their supply of the essential nutrients as simple as possible. What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats The ingredients are perfectly complementary to one another and don’t include any sugar or dyes.

The premium oil blends for dogs and cats that contain vital solids are simple to incorporate into the food, making them ideal for enhancing BARF diets. Consuming necessary fatty acids plays a significant influence. Particularly innovative and well-liked in the complementary feed market are the high-quality omega oils like evening primrose oil, borage oil, linseed oil, and salmon oil.

Composition that is sound scientifically

Scientific research was given a lot of weight while choosing the basic ingredients. Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of chemicals on dogs and cats, and the results of those analyses have helped determine the current ingredient combinations in Doppelherz products. What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats The most essential ingredients are combined in one package to make it easier to feed dogs and cats with what they need.

The well-known green-lipped mussel, the components of cartilage collagen II, chondroitin, and glucosamine, devil’s claw, Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata), and rosehip are used as plant support in addition to the oils for supporting joint function, as well as vitamin E, manganese, and methionine. Brewer’s yeast, biotin, turmeric, trace minerals zinc and copper, as well as vitamins A, B, and E were chosen to support skin function.

New product on the market for supplemental feed

There are a total of six new products available in the creative dosage forms:

  • Dog Skin & Coat Complex
  • Canine Joint Complex
  • Oil for Cats and Dogs’ Skin and Fur
  • Oil for joints in dogs and cats
  • Cats’ Joint Complex
  • Cat Skin & Coat Complex

These supplemental feeds for cats and dogs have a high level of taste acceptability in the animal while also containing optimally integrated active components. What is Good Complimentary Food for Dogs and Cats Other ingredients like sugar, artificial flavours, or preservatives are not present.

Veterinarians created and extensively tested the supplementary foods for cats and dogs, and they are also climate-neutral. Since it is impossible to entirely eliminate the greenhouse gases released during packaging manufacture, Queisser Pharma works with climate expert Climate Partner to promote sustainable projects that lessen the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment.

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