What Is The Best Kind Of Cleaning Agent to Use For Cleaning Burned-On Grease?

What Is The Best Kind Of Cleaning Agent to Use For Cleaning Burned-On Grease

What Is The Best Kind Of Cleaning Agent to Use For Cleaning Burned-On Grease? My greatest kitchen nightmare is burned-on grease, so it’s no wonder that cleaning the oven and cooktop is commonly referred to as “the worst duty of all time.”

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While wiping away oil is typically not an issue, when it burns and then cools, it produces a vacuum that allows it to stick to any surface. This burnt grease debris may accumulate in your oven, grills, and stovetops, making it nearly hard to remove—even with a pneumatic drill!

Fortunately, there are a few less drastic options for removing stubborn burned-on oil. I’ve discovered that the complexity of the work is entirely dependent on the cleaning product you use.

What Is The Best Kind Of Cleaning Agent to Use For Cleaning Burned-On Grease
What Is The Best Kind Of Cleaning Agent to Use For Cleaning Burned-On Grease

Some are far more effective than others in removing burned-on oil, which may save you time, money, and a lot of effort.

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Trust me when I say that utilizing the correct commercial cleaner will yield the best results. However, with so many various varieties on the market right now, determining which is ideal for the task can be tough.

We’ll take a deep dive into the top 5 cleaning solutions for burned-on grease in this post, weighing the essential features, ingredients, pros, and downsides.

What Is The Best Kind Of Cleaning Agent to Use For Cleaning Burned-On Grease

Continue reading for my helpful Buyer’s Guide, which will teach you what to look for when looking for a super-strong degreaser.

The Pink Stuff by Stardrops

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent years, you’ve probably heard of our best-selling product.

Mrs. Hinch, the cleaning guru, has declared that The Pink Stuff is her go-to product, and it has taken the internet cleaning community by storm.

As a result, Hoards of people, including me, were keen to get their hands on the substance and were emptying all shelves of the paste everywhere.

Fortunately, it’s now fully stocked on Amazon and accessible for shipping in the United States, making it simpler than ever to enjoy the cleaning magic of Pink Stuff in your own house.

The self-proclaimed “all-purpose miracle cleaning paste” lives up to its billing.

It’s by far the most effective solution I’ve discovered for removing burned-on oil, particularly on (but not limited to) ceramic stovetops and inside the oven.

Simply apply it to the affected area with a gentle cloth or sponge and gently massage it in. After 10 minutes, rinse with clean water to remove all of the paste, polish, and dry with a clean towel.

You’ll notice how easily it removes markings, grime, and burnt-on stains. On tougher stains and markings, let the paste to settle for a longer period of time if necessary.

Pink Stuff is also entirely guilt-free! Star Brands Limited never conducts animal testing, and all of their products are devoid of animal-derived substances.

The paste is also constructed of 99 percent natural and non-toxic cleaning agents and components, according to the label.

It’s non-abrasive, so it won’t scratch your surfaces, and it’s perfume-free, so you won’t have to worry about stinking chemical cleansers fumigating your house.


One of the most popular multi-purpose cleaning solutions on the market, with thousands of good reviews from pleased consumers who keep coming back.

It has a wide range of applications and may be used on ovens, stovetops, tiles, sinks, BBQs, rust, skirting boards, and even shoes.

The paste is produced entirely of natural components, is ecologically friendly, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, and so helps to keep you and your family safe.


If the paste is not thoroughly washed or wiped away, it might leave a thin layer on your surfaces and appear dirty when compared to other spray treatments.

It should not be used on plastic, acrylic, or polished stainless steel.

Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner by Easy-Off

The Easy-Off Professional Oven and Grill Cleaner is next on the list.

This company has been chosen the best oven and grill cleaner in the United States, so it’s no surprise that millions of consumers rely on their goods year after year.

This solution is available in a spray can (24oz) and is particularly intended to remove difficult burnt-on food and oil from a variety of surfaces.

Within minutes after being sprayed, the heavy-duty solution begins to act. Simply spray it all over the insides of your oven and wait for the foam to penetrate the filth.

After 5 minutes, wipe away the grease and you’re done! You should be left with gleaming clean surfaces with minimal effort.

Although this Easy-Off spray is safe to use on ovens, grills, pans, and stainless steel, the manufacturer advises against using it on electric stovetops.

Easy-ultra-fast Off’s cleaning capability is entirely attributable to its chemical composition, which includes a high lye component. Some of these substances, however, are poisonous, and the vapors may be rather unpleasant.

When using this product, always wear gloves and use it in well-ventilated places away from animals and children.

It’s also worth noting that the recipe is quite caustic, which may hurt your skin. When using Som, make sure that all flesh is well covered, and try wearing long sleeves as well as rubber gloves to protect yourself.


The fast-acting solution works quickly on burnt-on grease and takes just 5 minutes to remove tough grime.

The spray can recipe makes it very easy to administer and prevents any irritating chemical-to-skin contact.

It’s a multi-purpose product that may be used on grills, oven doors, stainless steel, broilers, and broiler pans.

Easy-Off is a well-known house cleaning brand in the United States, with several excellent ratings and years of expertise.

Value Kit for Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner

Cerama Bryte is a brand that concentrates entirely on cleaning cooktops, which are the most probable spot in the home to have burnt-on oil and filth.

It’s created in the United States and works with all ceramic, radiant, and halogen cooktops.

This link will take you directly to their Value Kit, which is quite popular among Amazon customers.

The Cerama Bryte Best Value Kit includes everything you need to get started on removing stubborn burnt-on grime and oil.

A 28oz container of their famous ceramic cooktop cleaner solution, a 2oz bottle of their unique burnt-on grease remover, 10 stovetop cleaning pads, and even a handy re-usable scraping tool are included in the box.

However, read the directions completely before using the scraper tool, since pressing down too hard right away will harm your cooktop.

It is a fantastic cleaner that outperforms many store choices. To make my cooktop sparkle, I just rub it with a microfiber cloth and apply the paste.

The Cerama Bryte cleanser cleans well, and I’m delighted I discovered it. This thing is so simple to use — a small spray, a fast rub, and you’re done.


This is a whole set, not just a bottle of cleaning. As a result, you won’t have to spend money on additional equipment and cleaning materials because everything is included in one convenient bundle.

The recipe is designed particularly for eliminating burnt-on oil, making it ideal for daily or even weekly usage to keep filth at bay.

When compared to other similar products on the market, this one is rather inexpensive.


Some reviewers complained that the cleaning solution is quite thin, causing it to flow down vertical surfaces while cleaning.


Natural Cleaner & Degreaser Citra Solv

Next up is an all-natural cleanser and degreaser from the CitraSolv brand, which I like.

It’s a multipurpose solvent that works as a powerful degreaser, removing even the hardest stains while infusing your house with the sweet and pleasant perfume of Valencia oranges.

It may be used straight for stubborn burnt-on stains, or it can be diluted and used as a regular cleaning agent in your house.

Citra Solv is commonly used to remove chewing gum, burnt-on grease, tar, lipstick, sap, glue, gasoline, nicotine stains, pet stains, soot, ovens, grills, and even permanent marker.

The treatment is entirely plant-based and has no toxic ingredients that might irritate your skin. The recipe is entirely natural, and Citra Solv takes pleasure in never testing its products on animals or utilizing animal-derived substances.

Some reviewers swear on adding a capful of Citra Solv into their laundry cycle since it’s tough enough to cut through grease, remove stains, and leave a fresh aroma while causing no skin irritation.

Citra Solv, on the other hand, should not be used on any type of plastic or plexiglass, as it might discolor or even partially melt it, depending on how tidy your solution is.


An all-natural product that is environmentally friendly, guilt-free, and does not hurt your skin or the environment!

It’s incredibly flexible, serving as both a broad all-purpose home cleanser and a spot-on remedy for burnt-on grime.

It smells amazing! In comparison to the other items on the list, Citra Solv’s refreshing perfume will leave your home feeling fantastic.


This product is not suitable for use on plastics or even plexiglass due to its chemical composition. As a result, you’ll need to use an extra cleaning on these surfaces.

Cooktop Cleaner Kit by Weiman

Last but not least is this Weiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polish Kit.

This cooktop cleaning does an excellent job of eliminating tough burnt-on oil and debris, leaving your cooker looking like it just came from the shop.

The Weiman recipe, unlike some of the other cleaners on this list, can also be used on glass. This means you may use the same product across the house!

Everything you need to keep your glass or ceramic cooktop clean, glossy, and protected is included in the Weiman Cooktop Cleaning Kit.

It includes a 2oz container of cleanser and polish solution, a heavy-duty cleaning pad, a scraper tool, and a specifically designed stovetop scrubbing pad from Weiman.

Using these items will also not harm your surfaces because the recipe is non-abrasive, which means it will not scratch even the most delicate of stovetops.

The solution itself has an apple scent that quickly permeates your space. It’s crucial to note that, while this product is great for removing burnt-on oil and filth, it won’t remove existing scratches on your stove.

I recommend contacting your manufacturer for scratch removal advice in these cases. Weiman products, on the other hand, will not leave any fresh scratches on your surfaces.


Weiman formulations are all non-abrasive, so you won’t have to worry about it scratching.

When compared to comparable kits on the market, the addition of supplementary equipment such as a cleaning pad and a scraper makes this package quite inexpensive.

It boasts a spectacular streak-free performance. As a result, it functions as a superb barrier to remove grease; deep stains caused by oil or baked smudges.


Some reviewers complained that the razor blade on the scraper tool wasn’t as sharp as they would have liked.

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