What is the Best Substitute for Eel Sauce?

Best Substitute for Eel Sauce

Are you Searching for What is the Best Substitute for Eel Sauce? The first thing you should know is that eel sauce does not contain eel. Whoever called this thing wanted to perplex you, but we vow to assist you in making sense of it all. Simply keep reading.

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Eel sauce is now one of those food sauces that may be used with any meal. Any meal, indeed. You will see. As wonderful as that is, it will not always be available for one reason or another. In such cases, it is your responsibility as the cook/chef to find a suitable substitute for the missing condiment.

Best Substitute for Eel Sauce
Best Substitute for Eel Sauce

What is the finest eel sauce substitute? Teriyaki sauce is the greatest eel sauce substitute. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce While they may not taste identical, they share ingredients and are used in the same way.

An Introduction to Eel Sauce

If eel sauce does not contain eel, it stands to reason that a circular pizza would be packaged in a rectangle box and consumed in a triangle slice. Oh, well…

While eel sauce does not include any eels, it is typically used to consume unagi (Japanese raw eel) before the thousand and one other meals it complements. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce However, according to history, eel sauce is more like a forgery of the Japanese sauce known as nitsume (which does contain eel).

Today’s eel sauce is a brown liquid with a thick consistency that can be used for any and all meals. You name it: chicken, pizza, bread, eggs, French fries, potatoes, buns, rice, popcorn, or eggplant. If you’ve never eaten eel sauce with a specific food, there’s a 99.9% probability that someone else has… and it must have been fantastic!

So, what about eel sauce? What makes it so unique? What makes it so adaptable?

Eel sauce, among other things, mixes numerous flavors into one: sweet, salty, and umami. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce You’ll agree that few condiments/sauces check all of these requirements.

But how exactly?

Eel sauce is made out of three main ingredients: mirin, soy sauce, and sugar. The salty and umami flavors are provided by the soy sauce, while the sweetness is provided by the other two ingredients.

Eel sauce can be created at home because the components are readily available in any grocery shop.

Eel sauce is thick and sticky as well. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce Everyone has had eel sauce at some point in their lives… You might not recall. Have you ever licked some sauce off your plate?

Eel sauce is made up of three main ingredients.

Why Should Eel Sauce Be Replaced?

Non-availability: You can buy eel sauce in a variety of supermarket stores, but it is most likely to be found in Asian markets. Obtaining eel sauce, on the other hand, can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. These stores frequently sell out quickly since they’re so wonderful. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce So, what do you do now?

Best Substitute for Eel Sauce

Experiment: One of the most important aspects of our existence as humans is our ongoing pursuit for new adventures and mysteries. You might have read somewhere on the internet that a certain cuisine goes better with another sauce than eel sauce. And you decide to check it out for yourself.

Teriyaki Sauce is the best substitute for eel sauce.

Teriyaki sauce, which comprises soy sauce and sugar, is another popular Japanese condiment. Teriyaki uses honey, ginger, and garlic powder instead of mirin in eel sauce.

As a result, you can almost certainly assume that they do not have similar tastes. (Nothing tastes the same as eel sauce.) Teriyaki is sweeter and more flavorful than eel sauce. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce? Nonetheless, they are adequate alternatives because they can be used in the same manner.

Other Eel Sauce Substitutes

Eel Sauce Made at Home (DIY)

This would have been the most highly suggested replacement. But wouldn’t it be strange if the best substitute for eel sauce was homemade eel sauce?

Anyway, if all of your local stores are out of eel sauce and you want the closest thing to it, don’t worry.

The same stores that do not sell eel sauce will sell its individual ingredients. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce Purchase them and make your own eel sauce at home.

Here’s how…

  • Combine equal parts mirin, soy sauce, and sugar.
  • In a saucepan, heat until around 34% of the liquid has evaporated.
  • Before it cools, add extra water or cornstarch to get the thick consistency that eel sauces have.

And that’s the end of it. If you want to get creative, you can add vinegar, honey, or whatever else you like. You can also prepare as much as you want and store it in the refrigerator/freezer… there are no restrictions.


Hoisin is a soy and sugar-based sauce that is similar to eel sauce. Best Substitute for Eel Sauce It does not contain mirin, like teriyaki. Rather, it contains vinegar, rice wine, sesame, pepper, garlic, and even hot sauce. It also does not taste the same as eel sauce. It has a stronger flavor (more ingredients).

If you want the authentic nitsume flavor, add ground roasted eel bones.


Shoyu, often known as soy sauce, makes up around one-third of eel sauce. It is a less-than-ideal alternative for eel sauce (just like the others previously examined). Best Substitute for Eel Sauce It’s salty on its own. Adding some sugar and mirin to the mix will drastically improve the flavor.

Nonetheless, shoyu can stand in for eel sauce when it is unavailable.


This one is simple: alter the last letter to a I which changes everything… everything.

Ponzu has a unique twist in that it does not contain soy or sugar, unlike the others we’ve seen. Instead, it contains mirin. Other components include seaweed, katsuobushi, and rice vinegar, in addition to mirin.

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