What Sauce to Put on Philly Cheesesteak? – Cuisine Cravings

What Sauce to Put on Philly Cheesesteak? - Cuisine Cravings

What sauce should you put on a Philly cheesesteak? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. In today’s post, we’ll go through all of the numerous topping options for your Philly. There are classic sauces as well as unusual ones. But don’t be concerned. Even the most unusual toppings will taste delicious. So, if you’re ready, let’s get right into this meaty — and highly contentious — issue!

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What Sauce to Put on Philly Cheesesteak? - Cuisine Cravings
What Sauce to Put on Philly Cheesesteak? – Cuisine Cravings

Is a Philly Cheesesteak Served with Sauce?

No, technically. However, where you live, who is fixing it, and, well, the recipient’s ingenuity all play a role.

Please allow us to explain.

The Philly cheesesteak is named after Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There is always a lot of disagreement and debate about what should put on this famous sub. This is especially true of the sauce.

Traditionally, a Philly cheesesteak is served with either no sauce or a cheese sauce, sometimes known as “Philly sauce,” on top. Customers can then select to top their Philly cheesesteaks with whatever toppings they choose.

What Complements a Philly Cheesesteak?

So, what sauce alternatives are available to you? Many people like to eat their Philly steaks plain, especially if they are already topped with a cheese sauce.

However, there are many folks who enjoy dipping their cheesesteaks in au jus or slathering them in mayo.

Are these your only choices? Not so quickly. There are so many more sauce combinations to pick from that may dramatically transform the dynamic and flavour profile of a Philly—in a good way!

Some folks, particularly those from Philadelphia, prefer their Philly steaks the traditional way. However, some of the options we’re about to present are out of the ordinary. So keep that in mind, especially if you’re a native Philadelphian!

If you don’t have Cheese Sauce, what should you put on a Philly Cheesesteak?

If your Philly cheesesteak lacks the typical cheese sauce, you may be wondering what your options are. I’ve already mentioned a couple, but we’ll go over why each one matches well with a Philly and throw you a few additional interesting sauces you could use as well.

So, without further ado, here are our top 11 crave-worthy sauces for your Philly cheesesteak.

Buffalo Wing Sauce

You heard it here first, guys. Although it is unusual, slathering your Philly steak with buffalo sauce is certainly doable.

The sauce’s spiciness and vinegary tang make it the ideal complement to the luscious umami tastes of the steak. It also helps to break up the creaminess from the cheese slices, which may be especially beneficial for those who dislike cheesy sandwiches.


That is correct. We Americans adore ketchup and will find any reason to smother it on almost everything. However, ketchup is a surprising tasty addition to Philly steak.

Those who substitute ketchup for steak sauce on their grilled steaks at home know how strangely pleasant it can be. The same may be said for the Philly steak sub. Just keep in mind that if you do use ketchup, your Philly will taste like a cheeseburger.

So, if that’s your thing, go ahead and do it!

A1 (Or Any Steak Sauce) (Or Any Steak Sauce)

Speaking of steaks, it stands to reason that A1 sauce, or any other type of steak sauce, might be used on a Philly. Right!

In fact, when considering what sauce to put on a Philly, this is one of our personal favourites. Because steak sauces already have characteristics that improve the flavour of steak, adding them to Philly subs automatically raises the bar. Furthermore, when combined with the cheese, the flavour of the sauce gives a wonderful contrast.

It’s a win-win situation!


Remember that steak sauce I mentioned earlier? Try combining mayo and sauce in your Philly for a pairing made in heaven!

If steak sauce isn’t your thing, you may substitute mayonnaise for an equally tasty mouthful. Just keep in mind that because the Philly already has a lot of creamy cheese, a lot of mayo would make the sandwich rather rich. If you don’t mind that, you’ll probably like slathering mayonnaise on your Philly!


If you don’t like steak sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise, try barbecue sauce instead.

Adding barbecue sauce to your Philly is like combining steak sauce and ketchup. It’s also my second favourite unorthodox method to top a Philly.

To add a slight change in flavour to your Philly, experiment with hotter, sweeter, and smokier barbecue blends. If you enjoy sweet sauces, we guarantee you’ll enjoy what adding BBQ to your sandwich does!

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Is mayonnaise on a Philly cheesesteak?

Yes, in certain circumstances, but in many cases, you must request it.

What is the name of the crimson sauce on a Philly cheesesteak?

Typically, it is either tomato sauce or marinara sauce. These varieties of Philly steaks are known as “pizza steaks” in Philadelphia.

Is it customary to serve ketchup with a Philly cheesesteak?

Yes! Many folks enjoy ketchup on their cheesesteaks. This is likewise true for Philadelphia residents.

Is there a marinara sauce on Philly cheesesteaks?

They certainly can! There are a few shops who sell them in this manner.

Is pizza sauce appropriate for a Philly cheesesteak?

It is possible, but it is not usually the case. What tops your Philadelphia list is entirely up to you.



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