What To Serve With Ham And Bean Soup?

What To Serve With Ham And Bean Soup

What To Serve With Ham And Bean Soup? As winter comes, it’s time to break out the slow cooker. Ham and bean soup is a substantial soup cooked with ham and beans as well as various vegetables. It’s an easy dish to prepare and the ideal comfort food for a cold night. But what is the appropriate addition to ham and bean soup? Fortunately, we’ve listed a number of side dishes that will undoubtedly compliment the rich textures and flavours of ham and bean soup, ensuring you and your family a memorable evening meal.

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What To Serve With Ham And Bean Soup
What To Serve With Ham And Bean Soup

10 Recipes to Serve with Ham and Bean Soup Accompaniments for Ham and Bean Soup

There is no correct or incorrect way to consume slow cooker ham and bean soup. While you may simply pour yourself a bowl of this wonderful brew and enjoy it on its own, why not make a fast side dish while your soup cooks and have a delectable dinner ready to go?

Serve these quick and easy side dishes alongside your steamy pot of ham and bean soup.

  • Rice with coconut
  • Fries made from sweet potatoes
  • Spaghetti with garlic sauce
  • Separate the garlic bread
  • Biscuits
  • Squash roast
  • Applesauce
  • Coleslaw
  • Cornbread with green chilli
  • Cornbread with buttermilk

Rice with coconut

Coconut rice is made using soft white rice, coconut milk, and a variety of spices. This dish’s creamy, nutty flavours enhance the savoury flavours of shepherd’s pie or ham and bean soup.

The spices are required to lend a dash of heat to the dish, making it a perfect alternative for folks who like a little spice in their meal.

Finish with a trickle of lime juice for an extra punch of flavour.

Fries made from sweet potatoes

Fries complement any sort of soup, particularly ham and bean soup.

Sweet potato fries are one of the beautiful side dish options to consider when seeking to bring forth unusual tastes to your dinner. With a wonderfully crisp interior and a mouthwateringly soft inside, imparting distinct earthy flavours that pair beautifully with ham and beans.

Spaghetti with garlic sauce

Spaghetti is the ideal choice for a soupy main course. It’s very simple to make and can be prepared ahead of time, making it the ideal side dish to create without spending extra time cooking.

Garlic spaghetti has just the right amount of garlic flavour without being overpowering, with a creamy tasty sauce that is neither thick nor heavy. For soups like this one, this will fast become a home staple.

It takes very little time to prepare and should be ready to serve within 30 minutes. You can even make this while your soup is halfway done, so you have both meals ready to eat at the same time.

Separate the garlic bread

If you’re searching for a quick and easy side dish to go with your hot soup, this delectable tear apart garlic bread is perfect.

I enjoy slurping hot soup with crusty bread on the side. Particularly when you can break off a piece and dip it into your soup. The bean soup will soak through the crusty bread, leaving you with a softened bit to enjoy.


Biscuits are a traditional accompaniment to ham and bean soup. With a soft, flaky texture that pairs well with hot soups like this one. The nicest part about these biscuits is that they are completely customised.

You can mix in whatever you choose, from dried fruits like cranberries or raisins to chocolate chips. You will, however, need to alter the sugar in the recipe so that the biscuit dough does not come out overly sweet.

You may also use sour cream instead of milk, which would give the biscuit dough a tangy finish that will match the ham and beans soup well.

Squash roast

Squash is a tasty vegetable to use with ham and bean soup.

With just the proper amount of sweetness to balance off the more savoury elements of a main course. It isn’t as sweet as most veggies, such as maize or peas.

Roasting the squash results in a softer, sensitive texture that is ideal for individuals who want to provide a side of veggies with their stew.

You can use orange, green, or yellow squash, or mix them together to add a splash of colour to your bean soup meal.


Try some applesauce as a sweeter side dish to help ease the load of the rich and meaty soup. The fruity richness of the applesauce contrasts sharply with the salty, savoury flavours of the ham and beans, making it the ideal complement to your dinner.

  • You’ll need 8-10 medium-sized apples to create this. Place the apples, peeled and cored, in a big pot.
  • Add the lemon peel and juice, then the sugar, cinnamon, water, and salt.
  • Heat and boil the apples, then reduce the heat and cover the saucepan for 20 minutes.
  • Remove the apples from the pot and mash them with a potato masher when they are soft.
  • If necessary, add extra sugar to taste, then serve with your ham soup for a great supper.


Coleslaw is the ideal side dish for ham and beans because the crunchy and creamy shredded veggies contrast beautifully with the heated soup.

If you prefer a tangy accent to a substantial soup, substitute rice vinegar for white vinegar in your coleslaw dressing.

Add thinly sliced red onions to your coleslaw for a raw, pungent flavour boost.

Cornbread with green chilli

Spicy green chile cornbread complements the ham and bean soup perfectly. Mostly because of its lovely peppery sweetness, which complements any hearty rich soup. And you can eat it as you like.

Whether you like to eat a piece of cornbread after a few spoonfuls of ham and bean soup, or crumple the bread into small little pieces and drop it into the soup to enjoy.

This green chile cornbread has chopped jalapenos, which give the bread a distinct spice. You may tone down the spice by serving this cornbread with creamy coleslaw or a spoonful of applesauce on top.

Cornbread with buttermilk

You could make standard cornbread, but I think this version is more flavorful. It’s extremely quick and simple to make, and the buttermilk adds a wonderful tangy flavour.

Buttermilk cornbread is ideal for serving alongside ham and bean soup, especially if you want the ultimate side dish with a significant contrast in textures and flavours.

Broccoli salad

This broccoli salad is very filling and healthful, and it will have you salivating in no time. It consists of slicing broccoli into florets and combining it with shredded chicken, mayo, and chilli flakes.

This is particularly useful for incorporating any leftover ham and bean soup ingredients.

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