Whataburger Cup Sizes

Whataburger Cup Sizes? The cup sizes at Whataburger differ from those at other fast food establishments. Whether you’ve never been to a Whataburger or are a die-hard fan, you should be aware that this well-known restaurant chain doesn’t fall short when it comes to drinks. What makes the drink sizes and beverage selection at Whataburger so unique? Keep an eye out for those responses.

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Whataburger’s “BIG” Branding’s Origins

Fast food burger restaurant Whataburger was created by Harmon Dobson in 1950. Dobson allegedly set out to make a burger so large and mouthwatering that when people tasted it, they would shout, “Whataburger!”

Pretty high expectations, no?

So Dobson was successful. The Whataburger chain is incredibly well-liked nowadays. Having started in Texas, there are already more than 900 locations around the country, with Texas having the most. Nevertheless, Whataburger franchises may be found all throughout the country. Florida was the location of the first Whataburger restaurant ever opened outside of Texas. In addition to Florida, this well-liked burger joint can also be located in other states like Louisiana, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

Be aware that Whataburger restaurants can currently only be located in southern states. Tennessee has been included to Whataburger’s expansion ambitions most recently. However, if you live in the north and consider yourself a Yankee, you might have to wait a long before a Whataburger opens up close by. But hey, one can always hope, right?

Whataburger cups: Why Are They So Big?

It’s time to talk about why Whataburger restaurants serve such large cups now that you are familiar with the company’s branding heritage. The response? Theme-wise, it works!

That’s accurate. It just makes sense coming from Texas, where everything is supposed to be bigger. Whataburger is also well-known for its delicious burgers with 5-inch buns and crispy fried chicken tenders. It follows that it is not surprising that Whataburger likewise offers extremely huge drinks. Numerous customers who bought “medium” or “large” size drinks have perplexingly left with a cup size that was at least twice what they had anticipated.

In terms of Whataburger cup sizing, how big is big? I’m very happy you inquired!

Whataburger Cup Sizes OZ: Whataburger Cup Sizes

There are four cup sizes at Whataburger. The sizes of the cups are listed below, along with how much liquid each one holds:

Children’s Size: 16 oz

Size: Small (20 ounce)

Size Medium: 32 ounce

Size Large: 44 ounces

You can see that it’s impossible to overlook Whataburger’s huge cup sizes. It is clear from a study of Whataburger cup sizes that the fast food chain is unduly liberal with the quantity of liquids it serves to customers.

Remember that the typical fast food establishment does sell various drink sizes that are comparable to Whataburger as a point of comparison. The medium and big beverages’ sizes, however, differ from one another.

For instance, medium drinks at McDonald’s are 21 oz, whereas enormous drinks at Whataburger are 32 oz. Whataburger’s large drink is 44 ounces, compared to McDonald’s 30 ounces.

You get the idea?

So, if you’re fortunate enough to have a Whataburger nearby and you’re in the need for an especially huge sip, make sure to stop in. Their drink portions are generous!

Just so you know, some people think the Whataburger kid’s size drink is just as big as the small. However, this is incorrect because the small weighs a few more ounces than the kid’s size.

What types of beverages does Whataburger offer?

You now know the differences between Whataburger cup sizes and those at other local fast food establishments. Cool! What kind of beverages does Whataburger actually offer?

A lot!

Another thing that most customers adore about Whataburger is the wide selection of delectable drinks they offer.

Whataburger has all your food-related vices covered on one menu, whether you’re in the mood for a soda or want to go all out with a chocolate malt!

Some of the drinks that Whataburger restaurants frequently stock are listed below. Always check the menu before assuming that a menu item will be available at your neighbourhood Whataburger because it may change depending on location.

Note: Depending on how you place your order and where you are ordering from, sometimes only medium and large drinks are offered. For instance, you might not be able to order a “kid’s” or “little” drink while placing an order using the app. As an alternative, you might have to select a huge medium or large drink to go with your meal.

*Not all drinks are available in kid-sized (see shakes and malts)

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