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How to Clean Wooden Chopping Boards

Did you know How to Clean Wooden Chopping Boards? This is a natural and efficient method for cleaning any kind of hardwood cutting board. Because this process can get messy, I usually make sure to prepare a work space by covering it with a towel before I begin.

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How to Clean Wooden Chopping Boards
How to Look After Wooden Chopping Boards

How to Clean Wooden Chopping Boards?

I start by giving my boards a thorough brushing and warm, soapy water in the sink.

After that, I make a paste with regular table salt, lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, and a tiny bit of hot water. When you combine citric acid with an alkali, carbon dioxide is produced, which is why there is a little fizzing.

After scrubbing the paste into the boards, I leave them for up to an hour. For Wooden Chopping Boards In addition to neutralizing food odors and assisting with stain removal, the lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda also kill bacteria and germs.

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After giving the boards another rinse in warm water, I pat dry them with a fresh tea towel. In the event of daylight, I let the boards air dry directly on the sun; if not, I set them on a sunny window sill. Bacteria are also killed by ultraviolet light.

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Tips for Cleaning Wood Cutting Boards

I apply a light coat of oil to the boards once they are totally dry. You can use mineral oil instead of vegetable oil. The best paper to use for this is kitchen paper since it helps to absorb excess oil; the wood just has to absorb a small amount of the oil. Because I use and wash my boards so often, the oil never becomes rancid.

I keep all of my boards airtight and dry until I need to use them again by storing them this way.

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