Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad? How to Know?

Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad

Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad? Kombucha, the newest health food trend, has recently appeared in stores around the country. This delightful, sparkling tea has ancient origins but is extremely popular among today’s health-conscious consumers.

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Kombucha is high in helpful microorganisms and probiotics.

You may be thinking, does kombucha expire, before selecting one of these popular drinks for some refreshment on a hot summer day. The solution could be more complicated than you think!

Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad
Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad

Is Kombucha shelf-stable? Kombucha, in most situations, does not expire. Kombucha will never go bad if stored properly in a cool atmosphere, but after a long enough fermentation time, Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad it will turn largely vinegar. Because kombucha contains biological elements, improperly stored kombucha can expire.

What exactly is Kombucha?

If you’re new to the kombucha world, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “What exactly is kombucha?”

Kombucha, or “Booch,” is a sweetened black or green tea with bacteria and yeasts added to kickstart fermentation.

These yeasts and bacteria will mix to form a SCOBY, which stands for “Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.” Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad This SCOBY will keep feeding on the sugar in the tea, fermenting it day by day.

When the first fermentation is finished, the kombucha is transferred to sealed bottles with a touch of fruit juice for the second fermentation. During this fermentation, the kombucha will become carbonated and ready to drink.

The notion that kombucha is secretly alcoholic has been flying around for a long time, however the amount of alcohol produced by fermentation is minimal. The alcoholic content of kombucha is roughly equivalent to that of a glass of juice.

How Long Will Kombucha Keep?

Temperature of Storage

Kombucha, being the fantastic, naturally fermented beverage that it is, can keep for an exceptionally long period. There are several elements that influence how long your kombucha will last. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad These are some examples.

Kombucha should be kept cool, ideally refrigerated. When kombucha is stored in this manner, fermentation comes to a halt, giving you much more time to enjoy your kombucha at its best.

If the kombucha is kept heated, the fermentation will proceed unabated, resulting in a nearly all-vinegar beverage that, while safe to consume, tastes awful.

The second, and more deadly, consequence of over-fermented kombucha is that it will continue to swell and expand, perhaps exploding in weaker glass bottles. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad A nightmare with glass fragments flying everywhere!

Containers that are properly sealed

Another disadvantage of kombucha is an inadequately sealed container. Kombucha should be stored in an airtight bottle, which means nothing can get in or out until the bottle is opened for consumption.

If the bottle was not properly sealed, microorganisms from outside sources could enter the kombucha and cause it to deteriorate. Bacteria are not all created equal, and the germs utilized to construct the SCOBY are not the same bacteria that are floating around in the air.

Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad

Kombucha, like any other food prepared from natural materials, can degrade and become unsafe to ingest if not stored in an airtight container. When it comes to flavor and scent, use your best judgment when enjoying your booch!

Duration of Time

Kombucha that has been sitting for an extended amount of time, like kombucha held at warm temperatures, can occasionally over-ferment.

Over-fermented kombucha, as we all know, becomes incredibly vinegary and has a slight chance of exploding even when stored at correct temperatures.

Why Is There an Expiration Date on Kombucha?

You might be shocked to find that federal law does not require an expiration date for most foods.

Infant formula and baby meals are the only foods that must have expiration dates. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad Milk, eggs, and meat are occasionally regulated by state legislation and must consequently have expiration dates.

So why are there expiration dates on other foods?

Foods, even non-perishables like kombucha, have expiration dates set by manufacturers to ensure that they are consumed at their peak.

Basically, kombucha that has been perfectly kept for years is still safe to consume but will most likely taste horrible. To avoid their customers drinking bad kombucha, manufacturers will print an expiration date so that everyone consumes their kombucha at its best.

How Long Does Opened Kombucha Keep?

In contrast to kombucha that is still sealed in its airtight bottle, unsealed kombucha can and will deteriorate. Once the kombucha has been opened, it must be refrigerated. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad Refrigerated opened kombucha will keep for around a week.

So, what causes opened kombucha to spoil? When the bottle’s seal is broken, bacteria can readily enter the drink and damage it, just like any other opened food or drink.

This is especially true if you’ve already consumed the contents of the container. The human tongue can introduce a wide range of germs into an open bottle of kombucha, hastening the spoilage process.

Spoiled kombucha is unsafe to consume. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad It’s impossible to know what kinds of bacteria and molds have made their way into your kombucha.

If your drink smells bad or is discolored, throw it out. It is not worth the risk of becoming ill in order to taste test it.

Homebrewed Kombucha vs. Commercial Kombucha

Another issue to consider when it comes to kombucha expiry is where it came from.

Kombucha that has been professionally made with good quality control will, on average, last longer. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad Because these kombuchas are equally packaged and sealed, there is less room for error.

The kombucha brewed by your friend, on the other hand, will expire sooner. It’s unlikely that kombucha created at someone’s house will have a perfect seal, and quality control is almost certainly nonexistent.

This isn’t to suggest that homemade kombucha isn’t delicious on its own! Just be mindful of how old this kombucha is, and avoid drinking anything that smells or tastes weird to you.


Kombucha is incredible! It’s naturally carbonated, packed with probiotics, and has been shown to help with digestion.

Not only that, but it’s also extremely tasty and refreshing.

Kombucha has an exceptionally long shelf life, although like other things, it is better used before its expiration date. Does Kombucha Expire or Go Bad Kombucha that has passed its written expiration date is normally safe to drink, but it will taste strongly of vinegar.

When drinking kombucha, use your best judgment. Have fun sipping!

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