Does Bud Light Expire? What is Bud Light? How to Know?

Does Bud Light Expire

Does Bud Light Expire? Bud Light is a popular, refreshing drink enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Consuming Bud Light before it expires is a terrific approach to get the greatest quality and taste.

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Is Bud Light still available? Yes, Bud Light has an expiration date. Anheuser-Busch (A-B), the firm that makes Bud Light, claims that the beer has a shelf life of 110 days. Although you can theoretically drink Bud Light after its expiration date, its quality declines at this point and worsens after six to nine months.

Does Bud Light Expire
Does Bud Light Expire

Continue reading to find out how to tell if your Bud Light is still drinkable and how to properly store your beer to extend its shelf life.

How Do You Decipher the Bud Light Expiry Code?

  • The “freshest before” date is shown by the expiration code on the bottom of your Bud Light can. The standard Bud Light expiration code is 09DEC19. Here’s how it’s broken down:
  • The first two digits reflect the month’s day. It is the ninth in this case.
  • The month is indicated by the first three letters. It’s December here.
  • The year is represented by the last two numbers. This Bud Light was no longer available in 2019.

If you’re looking at an older can of Bud Light, the expiration date may be a “born on” label, which A-B debuted in 1996. Does Bud Light Expire This label indicates the manufacture date of the beer rather than the expiration date.

In August 2015, A-B replaced the “born on” label with the current “freshest before” date. If your Bud Light has a “born on” label, it is well past the recommended 110 days. While the beer itself is bad, the container serves as a nostalgic reminiscence of a bygone era.

How Long Do Unopened Bud Light Bottles Last?

Customers should consume their unopened Bud Light within 110 days of its creation, according to A-B, but it is okay to drink after that time. Does Bud Light Expire Beer in cans and bottles becomes flat and loses flavor after six to nine months past the expiration date.

Refrigeration can help keep beer fresher for longer, with 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit being the best storage temperature. It can extend the shelf life of beer by up to two years after it has been opened.

How long does Bud Light last once opened?

Once opened, beer usually keeps its quality for about a day if kept in the fridge and covered. After that, expect it to lose its carbonation and have an awful flavor.

While unopened Bud Light can last for a long time, the quality of open Bud Light degrades quickly due to oxidation. Because the sealed cans and bottles block out excess oxygen, unopened Bud Light is shielded from this aging process.

Does Bud Light Expire

Furthermore, if you’ve been drinking Bud Light, it has become contaminated with your bacteria. Although Bud Light is an alcoholic beverage, it contains only 4.2 percent alcohol by volume. This amount of alcohol will not eliminate all microorganisms in the drink, but it will slow them down.

How Do You Keep Bud Light?

Bud Light, like other beers, performs best when stored in a cold, dark, and consistent temperature environment. Does Bud Light Expire To avoid oxidation, store Bud Light upright with the seal intact until ready to drink.

Light, oxygen, and bacteria exposure are the three main causes of beer deterioration. Casual beer drinkers should only be concerned about keeping their unopened Bud Light from light and oxygen exposure, as bacterial infection is uncommon these days.

Even unopened, unexpired Bud Light can be ruined by light exposure, providing a unique “skunked” flavor.

Bud Light’s packaging was developed by A-B to minimize the effects of light exposure, but you can extend the life of your beer even further by storing it in a dark, out-of-the-way location.

Because they block more light, cans survive longer than bottles. Does Bud Light Expire They also survive longer than bottles because their seal protects against oxidation better than a bottle top.

To keep cans and bottles from oxidizing, store them upright as directed by the manufacturer. When correctly stored, only a little amount of liquid comes into touch with the oxygen in the container, minimizing oxidation.

As previously stated, bacteria is an issue for opened Bud Light because an open beer is frequently drank. Refrigeration can help inhibit the growth of bacteria in the beverage, and keeping your beer to yourself can help prevent the spread of disease to others.

It’s also critical to keep your Bud Light chilled if it was previously refrigerated. Bud Light, like other alcoholic beverages, does not like being warmed up and chilled down. If this happens, it will take on an unusual flavor.

What Happens When You Drink Old Bud Light?

Drinking expired Bud Light is unlikely to hurt you, but it may cause some of the negative symptoms already associated with alcohol intake, such as headache or nausea. Does Bud Light Expire You’re not going to like the taste either.

Bud Light is pasteurized, which involves heating the beer to a high temperature in order to kill any bacteria and prevent future yeast growth. As a result, relatively few microorganisms should remain in Bud Light long after its expiration date.

As a result, unless you’ve left the drink open for days, the chances of getting sick or having an unpleasant health reaction from drinking an expired Bud Light are relatively minimal.

The most serious issue with drinking outdated Bud Light is its quality. The carbonation in your expired Bud Light has most likely diminished, altering the flavor. Does Bud Light Expire There’s nothing wrong with taking a taste as long as you’re prepared for the worst.


  • Although drinking expired Bud Light will not harm you, it will most likely be flat and unappealing.
  • Bud Light’s parent business suggests that people consume their drink within 110 days of manufacturing, but with appropriate storage, Bud Light can maintain a decent flavor for six to nine months, or even up to two years.
  • To extend the life of your Bud Light, keep it upright in a cool, dark area, preferably the refrigerator. Once opened, keep it refrigerated and consume it within a day.

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