Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad? How to Know & Check?

Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad

Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad? Skittles is one of the best-selling candy brands and ranks high on the list. They are normally sold in a bag of hard sugary rounds with the letter’s’ printed on the shell. Their unique “taste the rainbow” slogan and advertisements are frequently seen on television.

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You might come across an old bag of candy sitting around the house or from last Halloween. So you consider the following:

Do Skittles expire or spoil? Yes, unlike other items in your house, Skittles retain their rainbow flavor but lose their texture and become stale. They may also become too difficult to bite.

Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad
Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad

Do you have an old bag of Skittles? This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions concerning Skittles and their expiration date. Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad By the end, you’ll know how long it can last, why it lasts so long, and whether or not you should eat your Skittles.

How Long Do Skittles Keep Unopened?

Skittles typically have a 12-month shelf life after production. If you are doubtful, check the expiration date. The expiration date codes on a Skittles package are simple because the manufacturer, Wrigley, employs the DDMMYY format.

Skittles can last for many years after their expiration date, even if they are still in their original packaging. If stored properly, it might last for more than 20 years.

How long do Skittles last after being opened?

Skittle can be preserved properly after opening for a long time, maybe more than five years. However, if exposed to sunlight or heat, it may melt and spoil faster.

Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad

It is vital to understand that any moisture or water might allow bacteria to proliferate. Any moisture or water means mold could begin to form on it, making it unsafe to eat.

If you don’t intend to consume all of your Skittles, make sure to keep them properly.

How to Store Skittles Correctly?

Skittles are easy to store. If the bag has not been opened, store it in a dry, room-temperature pantry. Proper storage conditions keep them from melting, becoming overly moist, and becoming difficult to chew.

If you’ve opened a bag, store the Skittles in an airtight container somewhere dry, cold, and out of the sun. This will maintain the candy’s lifespan.

Skittles should never be refrigerated or frozen! Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad Cold temperatures will cause the candy to stiffen and possibly become wet.

Do Skittles Ever Go Bad?

Yes, the answer is yes. But not in the same way with other foods; the sugar within the skittles may crystallize or dry up. This changes the texture of the candy, causing it to become stale or brittle. Skittles, on the other hand, will not rot or deteriorate like fruits, vegetables, or meats.

Skittles that are not properly stored or exposed to heat or sunlight will become sticky and gritty.

The primary cause of sugar-based snacks expiring is moisture loss. Skittles are interchangeable. After a long time, the sugar may dry up and crumble. Skittles that have expired may become discolored or deformed over time.

Can You Eat Old Skittles?

When you discover that your bag of Skittles has expired, you may be concerned. But yes. Skittles eaten after their expiration date will not make you sick or have any negative side effects.

A hardened Skittle, on the other hand, has the potential to chip or break a tooth.

Skittles, in general, do not decay or mold since they do not support microbes. Instead, they become brittle or difficult to consume. Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad Furthermore, they will become deformed, stale, and flavorless. Although losing their taste is uncommon.

What makes Skittles last so long?

Skittles’ main ingredients include sugar, maize syrup, and palm kernel oil, as well as citric acid, fruit juice, flavorings, colors, and a preservative. The two major sugary components have an endless shelf life and can be stored for years. Skittles can last for a year or two because of these chemicals.

This is due to the fact that a high sugar content limits bacterial development by causing the bacterium to lose water via osmosis. Bacteria do not have enough water to grow or divide because they lack the biological means to combat the osmosis gradient.

Skittles contain ascorbic acid, which behaves similarly to Vitamin C, in addition to huge amounts of sugar. Instead, newer versions of Skittles contain sodium citrate. Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad Both of these chemicals serve as preservatives, preventing the Skittles from spoiling.

When Should You Avoid Consuming Expired Skittles?

When determining whether or not to eat these candy, smell them and inspect them for mold. If anything smells off or strange, it’s best to throw it out. Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad If there is mold on the candy, discard it right away.

Mold, like all foods, is not a good indicator and can be harmful to your health if consumed.

Finally, if you eat an outdated Skittle that is difficult to bite through, it is advisable to throw it out. Although it is safe, the danger of a chipped tooth and a trip to the dentist is not worth it.


So, can you eat the stale Skittles in your pantry? As long as it has been stored properly and remains unopened. Yes, then. The candy is safe to eat after 2 or 3 years. You might not even notice the difference between a new and used bag.

Always examine the fragrance and hardness, however. It’s especially vital to verify if you’ve opened the bag or have owned the candy for more than ten years. Most importantly, keep an eye out for mold! You can still eat it if nothing is wrong with it. Do Skittles Expire or Go Bad However, it will not be as tasty as when eaten fresh.

Always be cautious, but Skittles will put you at ease. There will be no negative side effects if there is no mold. If you’re still concerned, you can always buy a new one at the store.

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