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Indian Restaurants Near Me In USA

You may mindlessly search for Indian restaurants near me for hourswhen desperately longing for this flavourful cuisine. Though, have you ever truly known how imperial Indian food variety is? Indian dishes, popular as they might be in American culture, very rarely have been experienced accurately outside the country. Its classic definition of “mixture of exotic ingredients served with a bucket full of hot spices” barely covers the enigma that is Indian cuisine in its entirety.

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Best Indian Restaurants Near me in USA
Best Indian Restaurants Near me in USA

Most perceptions regarding Indian restaurants revolve around a place with a pungi playing in the background, while you get served those fluffy Indian bread with butter chicken. If this is the image you have in your head then, let us burst your bubble by acknowledging how you have only grazed the tip of the iceberg.

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Best Indian Food Near Me

So while searching for the best Indian restaurants near me on Google, can lead you to an abundance of options to choose from. However, picking the wrong one can lead you to miss out on thousands of dishes the country has to offer. Rather than settling for a spicy samosa for the hundredth time, look through these phenomenal options to experience something genuine and authentic.

Best Indian Food Special Thali
Best Indian Special Thali, Near me

Best Indian Restaurants In USA

After visiting these restaurants nearest to you, never will you have to search for the best Indian restaurants near me again.

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Dimple’s Bombay Talk, Iselin, New Jersey

New Jersey, being home to one of the largest Indian communities in the US. It’s not surprising it also takes residence of one of the best Indian restaurants in the country as well. Dimple’s Bombay Talk is a restaurant known for its stellar menu options and exceptionally accurate and flavourful Indian dishes. They present a massive variety of vegetarian recipes. Make sure to enjoy their legendary tokri chaat with onion, lentils and shredded potatoes to the fullest. You will also find a fusion of Indo-Chinese dishes here. Hence, simultaneously dousing your craving for the two best cuisines out there.

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Dimple's Bombay Talk Dimple’s Bombay Talk, Iselin, New Jersey
Dimple’s Bombay Talk Traditional Indian Cuisine

Dhaba, New York City

Probably the best Indian restaurant in New York City. Dhaba is a highly rated restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisines. Situated in the neighbourhood of Rose Hill, Manhattan. You will find only the authentic Indian delicacies here. It’s truly a god-sent diner for your prayers of the best Indian food near me. For all those New Yorkers out there here are recommended dishes you must try out there: kurkuri bhindi, Chilli onion naan, and for drink highway lassi.

Badmash, Los Angeles, California

A perfect encapsulation of its name which translates to mischievous in Hindi, the Badmaash Indian Restaurant restaurant aims to serve the traditional Indian dishes with an unexpected twist. You will find such impossible to miss items on their menu as tandoori chicken with tikka over masala fries and spiced mango pork cooked in its juice, that you will have to try once.

Bollywood Theatre, Portland, Oregon

Bollywood theatre is another excellent option for an authentic cultural experience. As for now, they are only accepting orders online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this should not halt you from indulging in a great Indian food option in your vicinity. Make sure to visit this restaurant in Portland and try their best-served dish of Pav Bhaji. A popular cuisine from North India.

Bollywood Theatre Portland, Oregon
Bollywood Theatre Indian Food and Scene

Taj Indian Restaurant- Nashville, Tennessee

The destination of the music city in the USA also answers the tiresome search of the best Indian restaurants near me for all the Nashville residents. Taj Indian Restaurant offers you hospitality, richness and hearty dishes just like India itself. With their tomato loaded spicy soup and seafood dishes like shrimp Kadai or fish vindaloo, this restaurant will surely win your heart.

Taj Indian Restaurant Nashville, Tennessee
Taj Indian Cuisine Restaurant Nashville

Cumin- Chicago, Illinois

In the state of Illinois, near Wicker Park is located another Indian specialized restaurant that will finally put an end to your search for the best Indian food near me. Offering a diverse menu enriched with famous Indian and Nepalese dishes. Cumin will serve all the flavours, you didn’t even know existed before. While at the restaurant be sure to order their legendary lamb biryani, bhindi masala and chicken momos. This restaurant will certainly deliver a great sense of nostalgia to even those Indian foodies in Chicago.

Cumin Nepalese Indian Restaurant Chicago, Illinois
Cumin Modern Nepalese & Indian Cuisine Restaurant

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